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For centuries girdles or "body shapers" have been mass-produced to meet the needs of women wishing to easily and effortless achieve the coveted hourglass figure.
Wearing a girdle or any body-shaping garment may lead to a form of complacency that counteracts your efforts to lose weight with healthy eating and exercise. While enhancing the appearance of your dress or suit with a girdle is totally fine on occasion, wearing such a garment every day is not an ideal way to achieve a healthy physique or optimal physical function. Jennifer Downard decided once and for all that she wanted to lose weight—and used these simple strategies to do it. I know Г­t won’t be a mГ­racle worker but Г­f Г­t would help at all to redeposГ­t fat Г­n other places than your stomach or mold or shape Г­t as Г­t claГ­ms. But, for the first time ever these body shaping apparatuses are being touted as spot reducing, fat burning tools that promote efficient weight loss and improve posture while eliminating 'toxins' through sweat.
The bottom line is this: Controlling your weight with healthy eating and exercise takes continuous effort but these are permanent solutions that can save you a whole lot of money and disappointment in the long-run.

And if anyone wearing a corset loses weight, it's not actually because of the corset—it's more likely because the contraption makes it so uncomfortable to eat that you automatically consume fewer calories, says Peterson.
And if you're looking to drop a few pounds, try one of these healthier weight-loss strategies.
I work out and eat healthy but I just can’t get rГ­d of my not so sexy my tummy from havГ­ng my baby.
In fact, regular use of a girdle can actually make your body parts appear flabbier by boosting muscle atrophy.
Back in April, Jessica Alba told Net-a-Porter's magazine that she used the diet to lose weight after her two pregnancies—and since then, the number of women trying it has been on the rise, according to a recent Good Morning America report. I will say this: If your garment is tight enough you may find it difficult to indulge in your favorite naughty foods without indigestion, which can indirectly lead to abstinence and weight loss. Everyday physical activities like spontaneous walking and stair climbing encourage the muscles of the core and lower body to work.

Not to mention, it would be almost impossible to get in a good workout, given your inability to move or breathe properly. However, if such activities are performed while wearing a girdle, the garment itself takes up much of the slack.
With a little time and dedication, you can lose weight and build strong and shapely muscles that you’ll keep when the clothes come off and the lights go out.

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