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I’m not surprised at all, my dears, because like hundreds of brides who go down the altar, a very large number are nervous; nervous not about being stripped of their maiden status, nor about the in-laws, but about being supremely conscious of their weight and their complete helplessness at handling their weight issue.
Blame it on slow metabolism or any other reason; your weight issue can be addressed in a phenomenal manner if you can diligently, coherently and with complete focus try the diet that has made many brides lose lot of inches before their wedding with a huge numbers of them managing to keep it off successfully.
The usual meals,particularly in India, in any part of the country is rich in fats, spices and an overload of carbohydrates which can come from idlis, plain, rice, khichdi(which we err to imagine as low calorie) and rotis or parathas. Phase 2 –Reintroduction of some carbs and then checking for reversals in weight loss and then modifying the plan. Dinner: Tofu which is easily available and a perfect substitute for cottage cheese tossed with some olive oil, coriander leaves, adrop of sour cream or fat free yogurt, salt and pepper is great as a salad.
Dinner: Help yourself to some boiled chicken tossed up in a green salad and some lentil soup to wash it down.

Dinner: Grill two large fillets of bhetki fish or any fish you can make fillets with and have it with some green salad.
Please do consult your doctor or registered dietician before start this or any other weight loss plan to make sure it is right for you. Weight loss Indian recipes suitable for women who love Indian food and in need of food that can make you lose weight. Actually there are still other ways that can be done to make you lose weight, and you can still eat well. This is the kind of food that is refreshing because you will get food that is a blend of yogurt and cucumber typical India.
For vegetarians or those trying to cut down on meat because of its relatively high calorie content, Indian cooking is ideal.

And if all of these are too much to remember, a good friend of mine who is of Indian origin says she followed this simple rule that has helped her lose pounds and keep them off: No Sweet, No Rice! During this time many people who want to lose weight in an extreme way, such as not eating or dieting and weight loss medication that has side effects that are not good for the body.

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