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Xenical not only helped me lose 35 kilo's,but It helped Instill good,low fat eating habits Into my lifestyle so as to keep the weight that I lost off.
I have it seems without very much effort gone from 97 kilos to around 93; so a loss of 4 kilos; and even when I get on the scales at night with shoes on and fully clothed my weight is still a lot less than it used to be when weighed first thing in the morning naked !!
You do need to be mindful that Xenical will strip the body of certain nutrients and minerals.
Overall I am sure I could have lost more weight quicker either taking more tablets or doubling the exercise but I don't want the sagging skin and breasts etc. I would love to say that it worked for me, however, unfortunately I have not lost any weight, none.

I have been on xenical for nearly 3 weeks and have lost 5kg so far, I have had some side effects but have learnt what I can and can't eat that will exacerbate the side effects, yes some are horrid but can be controlled. This pill dose drain out everything so be mindful that you should double up ur doses on vitamins and nutrients too be safe!
The pharmacist suggested doubling up my vitamins plus taking a multivitamin (2 hrs either side of Xenical). Don't get me wrong, Xenical does what it says it will, but the side effects of long term usage can be quite severe. Xenical is a drug used for the treatment of obesity including weight loss and weight maintenance when used with a reduced-calorie diet.

I feel that for it to be useful for me I would need to have had a history of fat in my diet. So you need to be losing weight anyway and this drug will shave off a few extra pounds on top simple. Acomplia (rimonobant) suppresses appetite signals from the Xenical (Orlistat) and weight loss Xenical: where to buy online cheap Xenical medicine.

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