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I used a magnetic chalkboard from Target, along with a magnetic pencil holder to hold my meal tags and colorful magnetic paper clips. Finally, I made a list of all our regular meals and made print and cut meal tags – using a file from the Silhouette Store for the tag and the free font Pharmacy for the letters. All the tags are stored in that magnetic pencil holder, and I found a magnetic note pad in the Dollar Spot at Target to add underneath – it makes it really easy to pick my 6 meals and make my grocery list for the week.
One word to the wise…make sure that BEFORE you add your vinyl and create your beautiful meal planning board, you make sure the board is right-side-up. 3) Using the two pockets (made from 16 count crayon boxes,) I can store all of my meal cards right on the board.
I shared my finished board on Pinterest and was surprised at how many sweet ladies sent me a note to say they couldn’t wait to make their own and start using it. At the end of this article is a one week sample of what I am currently serving along with a few favorite recipes.
When you assign your themes to the day of the week, think about your family’s typical schedule.
I hope this menu board and the tips on planning with themes will make time in the kitchen a little more pleasant and much more efficient for my fellow creative mamas. I am just beginning to meal plan in a similar way, and I really appreciate the board to bring it all together. Then tape the planner to your patterned paper with double stick tape and place in said frame. This entry was posted in Projects and tagged DIY framed glass whiteboard, DIY whiteboard, Framed weekly menu plan, free printable meal planner, free printable menu planner, Free weekly menu planner by Tandra.

We do the same at our house…menus are posted on the pantry door several weeks at a time. I found some old metal tv trays and took the bottoms off of them to make memo board out of using chalkboaard paint as well. A menu planning board that doesn’t force me to pick exactly what the menu is for the week, but instead gives me a list of our regular meals to pick from and put in an easy-to-see place. And of course at that point, the only options are something quick (and probably not super healthy or cheap, cause I usually go with a frozen skillet meal or frozen pizza) so I’m hoping this will help our nutrition and our wallets, too! I knew there was no way I’d actually stick to a planned schedule, so I just left out the assigned days :-) I hope that will help me stay with it! After admiring several different menu boards on Pinterest, I decided to take what I loved about each one (i.e. However, I want to share what I think will be even more valuablel—not what I serve, but how I go about planning it.
I suggest brainstorming and writing down all the meals you regularly serve (or even keep track for a month as you go.) Then, look at your list and see what types of themes are already represented.
For example, a crock pot meal is perfect for my family on Sundays because I can start it before we leave for church, and we get to come home (starving) to something good to eat. I have meal planned for a really long time now, but this is such an attractive way to have it!
Over the past several months he’s felt a little left out of the weekly menu planning process. You know the dreaded menu planning routine– flipping through cookbooks and recipe cards, penciling a few ideas on the back of a phone bill, and frantically glancing at your calendar hoping to avoid planning a meal that you won’t have the time to cook.

After we have a particular meal, I place its card into the upper box until we go through the majority of the cards.
To keep me having to stick to that salad on that day I am having a few on the board, which I will have all the ingredients for, and then chose for the day which particular salad I have. Assigning a different theme to each day of the week helpfully narrows your focus as you plan. Because inevitably something is going to come up on one day of the week – getting an invite to dinner at my parents house, eating out, deciding to try a new recipe, ordering a pizza, whatever! It also ensures that you have a nice variety of foods without similar repeats during the week. But because I don’t have a specific meal planned for a specific day, I have the freedom to do that without getting stressed out! A different color of cardstock for each theme’s meal cards makes choosing meals for the week even easier. I decided to just dip the feet in and see if I’d actually keep up a weekly menu plan in the kitchen. We figured this board, would allow the two of us to work together, make changes, and both contribute to the weekly menu. It is an investment that will eliminate hours of busy work and stress once you get your themes and meals into place.

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