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Within a week my clothes fit better, I lost a lot ofВ water retentionВ and by week 2 I had ZERO bloat.
Whatever may have been the culprit is out of my diet, leaving me with a flat stomach and happy belly.I have to say, week one was NOT easy. After struggling with bulimia and low self-esteem and horrible body image for almost two years now, I decided to start nourishing my body and switched to a vegan diet, inspired by Sharee Hansen aka funeralformyfat.

Not only having people at school discriminating me for embarking on this journey in the first place, but also mourning over the death of one of my family member’s. I just know now to commit to healthy eating, and regular exercise, not quick fix diets and torturing myself at the gym.

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  1. kis_kis:
    By going on the Paleo body to absorb nutrients better * Avoid processed.
  2. Sade_Oqlan:
    Natural foods like the Cavemen used are basically athletes the same results today.