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It’s no secret that extremely low calorie diets have been heavily mass marketed across the globe. The first thing that occurs during a severe calorie shortage is a decrease in your metabolic rate. With each repeated bout of dieting, your metabolism becomes less and less efficient and you can actually become progressively fatter while eating less food. This diet plan involves a very low calorie meal plan that limits you up to only 500 calories per day.
Once you hit the plateau, it becomes much harder to keep losing weight even if your calories are extremely low.
The principle behind this kind of diet is that the body is conditioned so that it does not store fats but actually uses it up efficiently.

You must eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise for as long as you wish to stay fit. Unfortunately these low calorie yo-yo diets leave us very dissatisfied and often in worse shape then when we started, and here’s why. With severe calorie restriction, some studies have shown that resting metabolism can become depressed by as much as 45%!
It may be surprising that HCG injections can now be used in order to stay fit and healthy because most people would never think that HCG Hormone can be part of a diet.
When you have tried the HCG meal plan, you know that at first it is very hard adapt because you used to eat a lot of carbohydrates and fats and other foods that are now not included in your diet. That’s the equivalent of having your daily energy expenditure drop from 3000 calories per day to only 1650 calories per day!

They go off their diet, the weight creeps back on and their body fat ends up back where they started.
This is why, after prolonged low calorie dieting, you can eat very little food and still not lose weight. The principle here is that the body is on a very low calorie diet so that it will use up all the stored fats in your body and convert it into energy.
The next stage is the maintenance stage which is the reintroduction of food groups back into the diet.

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