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I’m also very pleased with some of the health benefits that come along with a vegan diet. The reason to be vegan is because forcing beings to come into this earth so we can torture and kill them is always wrong. If we have evolved to become omnivores, why does being an omnivore so negatively affect our health.
The only one that vegans have to monitor is B12 (a bacterial product, not produced by an animal), and actually many omnivores are short of this vitamin too. Any other issues with nutrients that vegans may have are just as likely for any nonvegan to have. Going vegan has changed my life in such an incredibly positive way, I will never go back to feeling guilty or doubtful about what I eat or wear. Next, you adulterated the definitions of the words vegan, vegetarian and omnivore, albeit probably unintentionally. You mention that you will moderate comments so that omnivores are not personally castigated for their choices as if omnivores are the only ones who are ever unfairly criticized for their dietary choices.
I’ve been vegan for almost 10 years (vegetarian for 2 years prior to that) and I did so because I found out that animals used for dairy and egg production suffer the same, if not more (because they live longer) as animals that are raised to be slaughtered for their flesh.
It’s true that veganism can be as healthy and more eco-friendly than an ominvorous diet, but those are just bonuses to living a non-violent and compassionate lifestyle. I hope that when super intelligent creatures can look upon us as so inferior, like many of us look at other species, that the super intelligent will be as compassionate as vegans are today.

Like vegans and vegetarians, omnivores make conscious decisions about what is and what isn’t appropriate to eat. Vegans and vegetarians are much less likely to get heart disease, diabetes, many cancers, obesity, and other illnesses. B12 used to be readily available from the bacteria in soil, but our food system is so sanitary and our soil possibly contaminated in places now that no one eats vegetables with some bits of dirt on them. But by defining vegans and vegetarians as having restricted diets and omnivores as having unrestricted diets you have injected unfair bias into your poll. But by saying that omnivores will be defended against personal attacks you imply that vegans and vegetarians are more likely to be rude and unreasonable, thereby unfairly influencing your poll results.
There are some incredible products out there - most notably those by Gardein, Vegetarian Plus, Field Roast and Tofurky. I used to be an ovo-lacto vegetarian for several years, but then realized that the production of milk and eggs is in no way less cruel than the production of flesh. An obligate omnivore is an animal who needs to eat both meat and plants in order to survive.
Vegans seek to live in such a way that they reduce the harm they cause others as much as possible. For many people, veganism isn’t about restricting their diets or lifestyles, it is about being consistent with the restrictions they place on their diets or lifestyles. Any use of animals (human or non-human) as a resource is bound to cause harm, and we have vegan alternatives for every aspect of living readily available.

By excluding fish from the animal kingdom you have injected undue confusion about the true meaning of the words vegetarian and omnivore into your poll.
And the harm caused to the animal, the planet, and the consumer’s health is all the more reason to ditch the SAD (Standard American Diet) and go vegan today! Dietary intake studies have shown that vegans, on average, are not getting the recommended daily intake of three nutrients, calcium, iodine and vitamin B12. But by suggesting that omnivorism is the natural diet for humans you have injected bias into your reader poll and therefore unfairly influenced the outcome of the poll. So comparing a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet and seeing the major difference is dairy and eggs I went on a vegan diet. Using the same criteria though, omnivores are deficient in seven nutrients, calcium, iodine and five others. Still the EPIC Study found this year that vegans not getting enough calcium have increased bone fracture risk. It would be nice if we could somehow absorb the nutrients in fruits and veggies just by staring at them in the produce aisle but no, we actually have to eat them.To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr.

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