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Crossfitters are rather weak, have horrible cardio, and body odor due to their heavy pork and meat-based diet. The presence of the puke bucket at Crossfit workout places, should already tell you something about the fitness of the Paleo Diet.
The diet that matches most closely to this longest-lifespan diet, is an 80-10-10 plant-based diet.
Official web site of the atkins diet program, pioneer and advocate for the use of low carbohydrate diets.
The blood sugar solution 10-day detox diet: activate , Fans of hyman’s best-selling the blood sugar solution (2012) will undoubtedly want to read his lose-weight-faster sequel. To do what Grok the Caveman did would be to run around like you’re chasing an antelope for 40 miles, with a little pointed stick.
Thus proving that The Paleo Diet is debunked in what it has been telling people, and this is why Paleo Diet nutrition and crossfit workouts are probably the worst combination for a bodybuilder. The Okinawans who lived to be centenarians up over 100+ years of age were eating a 98% Vegetarian plant-based diet.

Those Okinawans who avoided meat, avoided fish, avoided dairy, and avoided eating pork such that all of these items were less than barely 1% of their diet, lived the longest. They use them because lesser-educated people believe anecdotes (stories of how it worked for them, or their brother, or uncle or friend), or not knowing that they would have lost weight and gained muscle the same or more on ANY diet, not paleo or crossfit, simply because before they were getting none and eating horribly, so just about anything making someone watch themselves and eat less calories plus force them to exercise will do it. The townspeople fall for it, wondering what this miraculous soup tastes like and how soup can be made from a stone, so they bring a pot, put the big rock in it. Why would Grok go to extensive trouble, wasting calories, going on hunt after hunt, running for kilometers and miles, only to eat a precious meal to avert human extinction from starvation, and then throw it up. It’s not the amazing miracle of the Paleo Diet, which actually has been shown to potentially lead to cancer and heart disease down the line.
And this was now shown by real paleontologists, not just a guy with a college degree in gym class who has no degree in paleontology whatsoever (Loren Cordain). Grains and wheat, large amounts of Soy, and Tofu, Vegetables, and fruit, and ingested PUFA oils and even a quantity of refined carbohydrates in the form of sugar (composed of both glucose and fructose), and are among the healthiest longest-lived people on earth and are one of the Blue-Zones of longevity.
This may be classified actually as an ANTI-PALEO DIET, due to the fact that it consists of grains, including wheat, encourages beans and legumes, is mainly vegetarian, encourages rice, contains hardly any fish, and hardly any bacon or pork, and avoids meat.

Emphasis was on food so they didn’t starve, so Paleolithic cavemen had spindly bodies, like a Kenyan marathoner. It means that the whole Paleo Diet plan they’ve been telling you is Not what paleolithic man actually ate.
This mainly vegetarian plant-based diet results in some of the longest lifespans on the planet.
And all the towns people cheer and praise the man for how the stone has miraculously flavored the soup!
It was simply concocted by a diet fraud group known as the WAPF, and then spread by those who got false health information from this group. Much of it largely by people advancing a meat-based or low-carber diet plan, and who have never been to Okinawa or Japan or do not speak Japanese.

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