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The difference between What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2 and a recipe book-despite the fact that there are hundreds of recipes in the book-is that you are seeing actual meal plans, not just a pile of unrelated recipes. One thing I don’t always enjoy about vegan cooking and baking is the often long ingredient list that is required to make some recipes.
This 5-ingredient cheeze sauce is one of those quick and dirty recipes that I know I will keep coming back to again and again! Speaking of short ingredient lists, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to create more vegan recipes with as few ingredients as possible.
My goal is to create more recipes with 7 ingredients or less that don’t require a lot of time or even special kitchen tools. Leave me a comment below if you have any recipes in mind that you’d like ‘condensed’…no pun intended!

I would say my biggest hurdle is overly complicated recipes – like pitting 30 olives for example. This recipe is featured in my 2 partВ Savory Raw Dinner Recipes DVDВ set.В  It is super easy and very delicious! The goal, for me, is not to aim for the vegan dish to taste exactly the same, but to try to bring out something about the non-vegan dish that I really enjoyed, like a rich sauce or a thick chocolaty pudding. The recipes tend to involve more creativity, more spices & seasonings, and other ingredients to achieve that outcome that I’m looking for. And the biggest recipe hurdle I face is seeing a long list of ingredients that I don’t have in the pantry. Simple recipes are so refreshing, especially when the few ingredients are common ones – I have all of these items on hand.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing per say, but sometimes I just want a quick and dirty recipe that I know I can whip up within a minute’s notice. For example, a lot of the raw recipes I’m lusting over involve soaking things for hours or overnight, so you really have to plan ahead. The only time I feel left out is when I am eating at a non-vegan friendly restaurant, otherwise I have so many choices the hardest part is trying to decide what I will eat!

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