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We believe everyone has a custom diet that works for them and it’s up to each and every one of us to test and tweak until we figure it out.
That said, we use the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as the foundation to creating a custom diet that restores gut health.
So, on this podcast, we decided to have an open discussion about optimal food for gut health, including tips for improving digestion (meat or not). Before you listen, please know that our current position is based on science, practice and research that a diet including animal products is the healthiest option for humans.
Thank you so much Kristin, I honor you for taking control of your health and trying the diet. Our son made drastic improvements through using a specialized diet called the GAPS protocol to help reverse leaky gut. When I found out that I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis, I went on an autoimmune protocol (my 30-Day Reset Protocol) that is a combination of GAPS, SCD and a Leaky Gut diet. Since our family has now had 3+ years experience with a leaky gut diet of some kind, I wanted to share our experience and what worked for us. I knew the research but I was absolutely amazed at the changes our whole family saw from supporting gut health and working to reduce inflammation and leaky gut.
It makes perfect sense that gut health would have such a dramatic impact on all aspects of health, since the body has more bacterial cells in the gut than it does human cells in the entire body.
The human gut contains 10 times more bacteria than all the human cells in the entire body, with over 400 known diverse bacterial species. This is the reason that you find so many stories of people who saw improvements in their children’s autism, their own anxiety or depression or their autoimmune symptoms from going on a specific leaky gut diet to support the gut.
The symptoms of leaky gut can vary drastically from person to person and some people can have gut problems for a long time without symptoms.
The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (or GAPS diet) is really a three part program that includes diet, detoxification and supplements and which has several stages (including a very intense intro stage. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD program) is specifically geared toward gut health and has been used to help people mitigate the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis and other digestive problems.
30-Day Reset Autoimmune Program – A combination of principles from GAPS and SCD that focuses on reducing inflammation and reversing leaky gut.
We started initially with the GAPS intro diet, which is a highly restrictive program designed for intensive healing.
I also take specific supplements to help support the gut, and working with a qualified functional medicine practitioner is a great way to help find what supplements are helpful for a specific case.

I first heard of leaky gut when my Husband had a lot of medical issues causing him to lose drastic amounts of weight. I suffer from psoriasis and my toddler has eczema so I am always open to possible dietary solutions!
We are on day seven of GAPS intro, basically stage one still, for my two year olds eczema and leaky gut. I’ve been considering following a leaky gut diet because I have very extreme anxiety, major depression, and ADD, and I would like to lower their effects, as well as promote healthy gut bacteria so that I can function like a human being is supposed to function.
He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work.
He knew more about diet than anyone else I have ever met and has shared much medical literature written by very famous medical doctors. After his initial intensive period on the GAPS diet, we have now moved to a more relaxed version of the GAPS diet that also uses parts of the SCD protocol. My symptoms improved dramatically and blood tests even showed that I was able to tolerate certain foods after taking time to intensively heal my gut. Among other things, the gut flora promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infection, regulates metabolism and comprises more than 75% of our immune system. Even though I’ve been focused on a high-quality diet for a long time, I still struggled with leaky gut and needed to address it directly.
There is evidence that repeated antibiotic use can change gut bacteria and make leaky gut more likely.
I think that we will see a rise in research on leaky gut and gut problems in the next few years, but in the meantime, I’ve found that a specialized diet (like GAPS, SCD, Leaky Gut Diet or Autoimmune) can help individuals determine their own reactive foods and nourish their bodies more effectively.
I found the consumption of meat for health benefits and the elimination of legumes in this diet, for example, surprising. I have multiple sclerosis, but other than eating a rigorous dairy free whole foods diet, I have not pursued any gut healing diet because I have never actually had any digestive distress.
It certainly takes a while for the healing to really take hold, and you may experience some set backs at first. I approached the GAPS diet as a couple month commitment for my son’s leaky gut…we are at 15 months now! I would definitely be super careful with that severe of an allergy, but personally, I’d still do the diet to hopefully avoid future allergies that are more likely with that severe of an allergy. I’m just not that interested in meat, so I trying to see if I can create a vegetarian leaky gut program.

I think that personal experience beats research any day when it comes to working out the right diet for me. Dysregulated gut flora has been linked to diseases ranging from autism and depression to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes. It is based on some of the same principles as the SCD diet but really emphasizes specific nourishing foods like bone broth and homemade fermented vegetables.
I would be interested in understanding your view of an alkaline diet, which is also supposed to help inflammation. I know there are healing reactions which his red face, attitude and sleeplessness showed but for his eczema to get worse is really making me second guess my decision. I don’t eat meat for moral reasons, so I would feel absolutely awful switching back to eating meat for this diet.
A key point of GAPS though, is that the fiber is an irritant to a damaged gut, which is why it’s avoided for a while on the program. Could never get the total inflammation down or rid of parasites regardless of tweaking the diet and doing anti fungals etc. The GAPS diet is a 6-part intensive protocol and it is a lot of work, but in our experience, the results are well worth it. They then fixed the gut with a probiotic (again using muscle testing as not all probiotics provided the most beneficial help to each individual) and a supplement called permavite.
But even after your son’s skin clears up, the gut will likely still need help to get back to optimal function.
Having difficulty finding the sweet spot that draws out the best from each approach for healing leaky gut. I dont totally avoid animal products, but the science is there, little to no animal products along with a alkaline diet free of processed foods is a proven way to alleviate disease, especially IBD. I again healed my leaky gut (permavite) did the muscle testing (kinesiology) to find my allergies, was desensitized to the allergies, avoided it for a week, and now can consume them. Im transitioning to the full diet now since I have to go back to work in three short weeks.

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