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There is only so much hot sauce and mustard a fitness competitor can consume before our cravings for variety make us do something drastic like buy Walden Farms Calorie-Free Ketchup aka chemical-laden, tomato-flavoured sugar water.
FACEBOOKJacked on the Beanstalk: Samantha Shorkey's Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness 1 day ago Just in time to include on your weekend brunch menu, :) my CRUSTLESS VEGAN QUICHE recipe is up on the blog!
I don’t really keep track of my iron levels anymore.  When I first became vegetarian I would go get blood tests done to monitor my levels and it was never an issue for me. Since I started competing in fitness competitions about a year ago (bikini division) I would say that I am part of the bodybuilding community.
Interview with Fitness Competitor and Vegetarian Rachel Lunn was originally posted on: PlanetSave.

Loss of big fruit-eating birds impacting trees in endangered rainforests –‘Habitat loss and species extinction is causing drastic changes in the composition and structure of ecosystems’ No, Agent Orange Is Not Being Used On Turkish Protestors Top 50 Solar Energy Stories Of 2013 (So Far): Part 3 (#21–30) Corporate Sustainability Is Not Sustainable 10 Fascinating Train Routes Across The World Qing-Bin Lu Revives Long-Debunked Claims About Cosmic Rays And CFCs Corrupt Politicians The lycopene enriched transgenic pineapple from Del Monte Greenland Shark Eats A Polar Bear — Sleeper Shark Facts, Lifespan, Diet, And Video Friday party! For more along these lines, visit Planetsave or some of its most popular categories: Global Warming, Science, Going Green Tips, Animals, or 10 Friday Photos. I often consume only plant-based vegan foods for days or weeks at a time.  Over the years I found that this balance has worked the best for me physically, mentally and spiritually. I think I was fooled by the popular myth that all vegetarians are in adamant danger of rampant deficiencies (which is obviously not the case at all).
I would be lying if I said I didn’t crave indulgence foods like dark chocolate, cookies and sweets.   And over the past two years my fascination with the raw food movement has allowed me to find healthy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Almost every morning I make up a bowl of  oatmeal with vanilla protein powder and a whole cut up lemon for a delicious sweet and sour start to my day (nom nom)!

And damn rights, you better believe I took a #poutyfaced #selfie to forever remember the day I had #perfectskin & #cleanhair. Was craving something #hearty for #brunch and decided to play around with my mom's famous #quiche recipe.

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