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Vegetarian diet for dogs with kidney disease,raw food diet for cats with struvite crystals,natural vitiligo treatment system ebook,what is a healthy diet to lose weight fast - For Outdoors

The vegetarian diet and chronic kidney disease - davita, The vegetarian diet and chronic kidney disease. A dog's digestive tract is much shorter than that of an herbivore, therefore dogs simply cannot completely digest chunks of vegetables (If you ever gave your dog a piece of carrot, you most likely saw that piece virtually unchanged when it came out the next day). Many studies have shown that adding veggies to your dogs diet daily can reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Avoid grapes and raisins since they can cause kidney failure in dogs, and totally avoid onions because they are toxic to dogs. If you prefer to feed your dog home cooked diet, consult your vet or a certified pet nutritionist to ensure a proper balance of essential nutrients. Keep in mind that dogs have a significantly higher daily protein requirement than humans, good vegan protein sources for your doggie are beans, peas, lentils, soy and tofu.

Dogs can have about 20-45% carbs (rice, couscous, millet, pasta, potato, rolled oats, barley, yams, etc). The most effective way to provide your dog with the needed nutrients from fruits and vegetables is to be sure the food is shredded, pureed, very finely chopped or steamed. Home cooked diets need to be supplemented with vegan friendly supplements to assure that your dog is getting all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Look for food that is naturally preserved without the use of propyl gallate, ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT.
Mix 25% new food with 75% of his old food for a few days, then mix 50% old food with 50% new food for few days, and then 25% old food with 75% new food for few more days before feeding all new food. Your dog's diet should be about 20-30% protein and 10-14% fat in dry matter (kibble)-when all water is taken out of food.

Grains are high in carbohydrates and because of dogs have much shorter digestive tract, they can have a difficulty digesting grain, or excess grain.
I asked my friend, the Czech Vegan, who has been working in the pet nutrition field for 7 years, if she could write a post about vegan dogs, and what they need nutritionally.
Some commercial dry foods (kibble) can be composed of as much as 90 percent grain, even though dogs do not have any dietary requirements for carbohydrates.
Dehydrated sweet potato jerky makes an excellent and tasty chew that even dogs with sensitive bellies can safely enjoy.

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