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The results of a 2009 International survey suggest the standard definition of vegetarianism is different in different nations.
I switched to a veg diet for the animals, butВ many do it entirely for health reasons and they areВ mind-blowing.
Here’s a few things that I witnessed myself, right from day 1 of transitioning to a vegan diet. In a recent study of 45,000 people, the largest of its kind, it was shown that vegetarians and vegans reduce their risk of needing hospital treatment or even death by 32%, claims researchers. Another study proves that a vegetarian diet combined with reduction of stress, exercise, and not smoking could actually reverse hardening of the arteries.
Another recent study in Japan that included almost 22,000 people also showed that vegetarian’s blood pressure is significantly lower than those who ate meat.
Large studies held in Europe have shown that vegetarians and vegans are about 40% less likely to develop cancer compared to people that consume meat. The National Cancer Institute also found that women that consumed high-fat dairy products were 49% more likely to die from breast cancer compared to those that consume a plant-based diet. Furthermore, studies conducted at Harvard University that included tens of thousands of women showed that a meat-based diet increases the chance of colon cancer by 300%.
Although it is difficult to determine the reason that vegetarian diets significantly reduce the chance of numerous types of cancer, it is believed that one factor in the abundance of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. Another factor is the amount of phytochemicals, natural cancer preventers, found in vegetarian diets. According to the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, following a vegetarian diet improves blood sugar control and makes your body more responsive to insulin. A recent study also showed that adult on-set diabetes can be controlled and even eliminated through regular exercise, combined with a low-fat vegetarian diet. A study conducted by Cancer Research UK has recently shown that vegetarians and vegans have less body weights than non-vegetarians.

Following a plant-based diet has been proven on a wide scale range over a multitude of studies to greatly reduce your chance of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
Being a Vegan is completely a lifestyle choice and philosophy and not mere-ly about following a diet.
The negative impact of animal products on health and the damage associated with animal foods and the environment, religious beliefs, along with the desire to protect animals are some of the core motives for the increase in the number of people consuming vegan diets. The health benefits of a vegetarian diet are the primary reason why people choose to follow it. The similarities in the various kinds of vegetarian diets are the high consumption of fruit and vegetables along with consumption of soy, nuts, and legumes. Numerous studies over the years have proven that vegetarians are at a less likely risk of developing certain forms of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, and obesity.
This type of vegetarian diet has shown to be much more effective than eating lean meat and poultry when trying to reduce heart disease. Vegetarians avoid these harmful effects of meat, and with the combination of the high fiber intake associated with a vegetarian diet, serum cholesterol levels drop significantly. Studies from the early 1900’s found that regardless of the levels of sodium, vegetarians generally had lower blood pressure than people who consume meat.
The study also suggests that you can reduce your chance of a heart attack by 9% and reduce the chance of a stroke by 14% by sustaining a long term vegetarian diet. Michal’s Hospital has shown that a vegetarian diet can actually lower cholesterol just as effectively as drug treatment. Similar studies in the USA have also shown major reductions in cancer risk among vegetarians. Blood analyses have shown that vegetarians have a higher level of specialized white blood cells that help combat against cancer cells.
These low-fat diets are rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber which allows insulin to work much more effectively.

Many people want to consume a vegetarian diet but do not do so because they are hesitant of how to go about it or are not ready to give up meat. Generally, they have a lower intake of saturated fat and cholesterol and the higher intakes of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre and certain minerals. Thus avoiding meat is considered to be the biggest contributor to the health benefits that are found with the vegetarian diet.
Although, it was once only used as an anecdotal method, during the 20th century, vegetarianism quickly became very popular in western society. Participants that followed this type of diet where shown to greatly reduce levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, by almost 29%. The study found that, on average, meat eaters gained 2 kilos each over the course of 5 years while vegetarians and vegans only gained 0.5 kilos. When you combine all of these amazing benefits together, it translates into a longer, healthier life. The dangers of animal-borne diseases, and the health advantages of a plant-based diet are very important reasons which have fostered the growth of veganism.
Since, cholesterol is only found in animal foods, so vegan diets are completely cholesterol-free.
Several studies have shown that poor meal planning is the main cause of nutritional scarcities in vegetarian diets and not the absence of animal products. Well-balanced vegetarian diets have been accepted for all stages of life, including pregnant women, athletes, children and elderly population.

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