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Lastly sliced potatoes and close the sandwich with other slice of bread and repeat the same for the next pair of slice. What Indians refer to as Pav (as in Pav Bhaji) is probably the dinner rolls to the western world!
We enjoyed it both with our soup for dinner and with Jam and butter for breakfast the next day!
Whenever I bake bread or bun in electric oven, the top never becomes brown within the given time.I have to keep it for more time as a result the bottom becomes very brown and it turn out in to a hard piece.
I made this pav with the recipe but somehow it was hard not very soft like the pav we get in india. Place it in a greased sandwich maker and cook for 2 minutes or as per the sandwich maker’s instructions.

Of course I have some healthy wholegrain versions too like this Quinoa dinner rolls but these are also most welcomed in my kitchen. My family was delighted to find that we can make all sorts of bread at home, without using egg!! I used All Purpose flour instead of bread flour the same ratio and I brushed milk over it instead of egg wash. Pls.let me know the resting time to be given for d dough to double up each time it has been set aside to double up. There is something to be said about the pillowy texture of these rolls which makes me go totally crazy for them! It has come to my knowledge thanks to few members and others who have tried this recipe that using equal amounts of all purpose flour makes a very wet dough and you need more flour to make it into pliable consistency.

I use regular flour most of the times and I find that the more flour I add in addition to the recipe the harder the buns get. They are so versatile - use them as starters along with your soups, they make great breakfast bread with some butter and jam or use them as a side for something very spicy eg.
Though I didn't know how long I had to knead the bread (like, what to look for to know I have to stop), I enjoyed the kneading part; the dough was so plushy!

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