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I too am interested in being able to incorporate WVO and from all the videos and research I have read on WVO it sounds like you have too much oil trying to be burned at one time. Thanks for the input - I think you're right that there is a balance to be found between the available quantity of fuel and air intake to ensure a steady clean burn I have looked at drip systems but they all rely on a pre heated flash tray that vaporises the oil.
This site exists to help people develop better stoves for cooking with biomass fuels in developing regions. During 4 years we have researched and developed a stove that is capable of generate the same or better performance that gas stoves have and could solve the drawback of accessibility to gas in rural areas and areas far from cities. To that end we developed a stove that works with vegetable oil, whose characteristics are presented below.
They can also be used cooking oils made of soybean, maize, sunflower, although these are not desirable because of its high cost and are also products consumed at home. Another excellent option is the use of used cooking oil, which has a high performance at low cost.
Servals manufacture RAIN GUN –a mega sprinkler used for water management in irrigation and dust abatement and Energy Efficient Kerosene Stove\ Burners.
Venus Energy Efficient Stoves manufactured by SERVALS won an International Award in a competition held by Paraffin Safety Association in South Africa . I used some of it as chainsaw bar oil and the rest I burned in the wood stove quite successfully. I start it with a propane feed and then start the oil drip and turn off the propane as it takes off.

I spend my working time looking after peoples oil burner installations, and come across both pressure jet and vapourising types. It may take some effort to collect and store it, but most people spend their "busy" lives in front of the TV so some exercise would be useful. The filter produces clear, cold-pressed, nutritious cooking oil ready for sale or consumption.
It didn't burn worth a damn on its own but when I soaked dry wood in the oil they burned for a long time just like those artificial fireplace logs. To find this equilibrium is difficult, but I had an idea: collect the excess of oil so it doesnВґt produce smoke. Ahh well how wrong can one man be ! Actually it is easy IF you use it as a supplement - wood soaked in veg oil added to the fuel works well and lasts a long time - you just cant use too much in the mix.
Along thoses lines, a bit long, may be ten inch or a bit more, insulated В underneath and on the sides, a big square box on top, wich gets heated up, and plenty of litle holes, tiny ones dripping oil. The flame from below heats the pipe forcing the oil out like through a diesel injector in a mist and hopefully burns like crazy. I would think adding a WVO drip system should be pretty straight foreward and should stop your smoke problem.
As the oil in the tube gets used up, the fire dies down a bit (hopefully doesn't go out may need the pan under to have a supply of oil too) and the tube cools down letting in more new oil and cycles over again.
In other systems (like in rocket stove oil fueled idea) the excess of oil fall into the stoveВґs floor and produces smoke.

How in my system the excess fall into a can, it doesnВґt burn (incomplete burn) and no smoke. My next goal is make it in a bit larger scale, because the flame I get is bigger than in oils lamps but is not enough to cook.
The wood looked dry and was not painted, but when I split it part way through the burn it seemed wet or oily inside.
In this case use all the WVO to run a generator and duct the heat from the generator to make use of it. For vapourisers, the oil is usually drip fed into a burner, and would usually be thinner than WVO (ie vapourising oil).
My main worry was that I may have ruined my pyrometer which has an upper limit of 1300 deg.C, it was pegged hard against the stop. I need to change the set up to ensure all the airflow is above the surface of the oil and I think change the shape of the tunnel so that its wider but lower - I'm hoping that will increase the turbulence and efficiency of the burn.
This would be filled with oil, and have a litle tube at the bottom, which would go into the rocket inlet, with a thing like a furnace injector. Heat would push the oil out, by means of expansion of the oil itself at first, and then expansion of the fumes of evaporated oil. I think, for the first fill, you'd need a litle vent on top of the oil heater tube, which can only open towards the inside.

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