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Hair loss can affectВ В  both women and men, and there are several factors associated with it. Though all these factors contribute to hair loss, application of harsh chemicals on scalp has a direct impact on the health of our hair, and affects it tremendously leading to hair loss and even alopecia. The cosmetic hair loss shampoos available in market are even not spared from these chemicals. You need half cup of water, half teaspoon of light vegetable oil and one-fourth cup of liquid castile soap.

Back in the day many of us were raised to know (and dread) castor oil, and it was usually administered as a laxative even though many believe it to have other medicinal properties. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid application of chemicals in the form of hair color, hair dyes, hair rebounding, cosmetic hair treatment, chemical styling and products laden with harmful chemicals. Vegetable oil provides natural moisture to hair and promotes growth without clogging the pores. Castor oil plants grow naturally in Eastern Africa, India, the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, and the Caribbean.

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