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Making an oil lamp is very easy, quick and cheap, and gives plenty of opportunity for a creative outlet. If you use pebbles to raise the oil level, you may want to use a saucer under the lamp or a small additional dish to keep the oily pebbles after topping up with oil, maybe also a spoon for retrieving the pebbles.
The first time the lamp is used the wick should be allowed to fully absorb oil before lighting it. The basic element is nothing more than a piece of twisted wire, a length of twine, some vegetable oil and a vessel to hold it all in. The top level of the oil should always be fairly close to the bottom of the wick holding coil.
It is also easy enough to make a portable lantern by wrapping some wire around the neck of the jar, include some loops and hook a long handle into the loops.

Keeping the oil topped off though, provides a very clean source of heat and light with no noticable scent.
If the oil is too far below the flame, the oil can not be wicked up as fast as the flame is consuming the oil. The beauty of this kind of lantern is that the flame can shine through the base of the jar too, casting more light onto the ground. The best idea would be to have a wick that burns down with the oil level to prevent smoke and soot.
Alternatively, drop some pebbles or marbles into the oil to raise the level as the oil is used up. I found the domed base to be enough, however, the sides could be a little higher, as the oil level comes too close to the edge, and the slightest tilt will sink the holder.

Alternatively, the lamp can be tilted and the holder tipped over to submerge the flame into the oil, which will instantly, and smokelessly extinguish the flame. The volatile oil will evaporate easily with the nearby heat, before the flame can actually burn it.

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