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If it is good to eat, I don't see anything wrong to use vegetable oil as a hair oil, unless if it would smell odd. The truth is, most hair clippers work exactly like scissors -- two metal surfaces glide past each other while tightly pressed together, and the crossing sharp edges cut throug…h whatever they are designed for. Vegetable Oil gives your hair vitamins and moisturizes it and it also make your hair grow faster.
It's a light weight oil  (low viscosity) that allows it to seep in between the blades and do  the job.
If you're using the Crisco in solid form you'll need to pack it firmly into the cup to measure it. If that specific oil does not taste sour and does not smell pungent, it can be considered suitable. And, clipper blades are likely made out of tough, high-carbon steel, which stays sharp - if properly maintained.

But if measuring by volume rather than weight you should use the same cup or tablespoon for all your measurements in order to be consistent. Most likely, the blades have not been oiled, have sat and corroded, or they have been used to "clip" something besides hair. Clippers are usually designed so that they can be taken apart for small repairs and maintenance - there should be one or two screws holding the stationary blade in place.
If you feel the need to sharpen the blades at this point, do so by placing the blade flat on a fine-grade sharpening stone (with a drop of oil) and gently but briskly, keeping the blade flat, grind it in one direction. An important part of the work done by clipper oil is that  it cleans out the small hairs that are very abrasive. Then, repeat in the other direction (do not go back and forth - always sharpen one edge at a time!) After this, take the two pieces of blade, inspect them to make sure they are "cleanly" sharpened, and wipe them again with the alcohol.
Plug them in, let them run together for a while to get lubricated and to de-burr themselves, and test them on some hair.

Keep in mind that blades can be pricey - but if it's a reliable clipper brand, a new blade is a good investment. Check around for a blade-sharpening service - sometiems they are non-local and you have to ship the blades to them.
Most major department stores carry a variety of clippers - spend your money wisely on a dependable, simple set of clippers.
Do not go for the lesser brand's expensive clippers with lots of "functions" unless you are positive about the quality. In the long run, a very simple set of clippers is probably better- cutting, and longer lasting, than a comparable-priced set with lots of do-dads.

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