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Sometimes Tiny House Blog writes about appliances that make sense in a tiny home, such as the Lodge-Tech vegetable oil fueled cooking stove. This site exists to help people develop better stoves for cooking with biomass fuels in developing regions.
During 4 years we have researched and developed a stove that is capable of generate the same or better performance that gas stoves have and could solve the drawback of accessibility to gas in rural areas and areas far from cities. To that end we developed a stove that works with vegetable oil, whose characteristics are presented below. They can also be used cooking oils made of soybean, maize, sunflower, although these are not desirable because of its high cost and are also products consumed at home.
Another excellent option is the use of used cooking oil, which has a high performance at low cost.

Servals manufacture RAIN GUN –a mega sprinkler used for water management in irrigation and dust abatement and Energy Efficient Kerosene Stove\ Burners. Venus Energy Efficient Stoves manufactured by SERVALS won an International Award in a competition held by Paraffin Safety Association in South Africa .
We are hard at work getting the new veggie oil cooking stoves distributed and set up.В  We are helping to reduce dependance on petroleum while also securing a local market for farmers products. I will conduct a thorough test and take photographs and video to post here with my written reactions to this unique stove.
It helps preserve the environment by reducing the felling of trees used as firewood for cooking. The filter produces clear, cold-pressed, nutritious cooking oil ready for sale or consumption.

VerdEnergia has had the pleasure of distributing 25 of these stoves as a part of a feasibility study in this region.В  SHAPE International donated 50 stoves in total! This means no stinky diesel fuel in your living space, which is more important if your cooking area is close to your sleeping area.
I would think vegetable oil stoves would be very useful in many settings, particularly camping settings, where carrying propane, white gas or diesel fuel is undesirable.

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