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The next step is to install a filter system to clean any reclaimed oil you want to run through your engine. You also need to install valves that will allow you to switch from diesel to veggie once the veggie oil is warmed up and manual switch on the dash so you can activate the changeover, plus a temperature gauge to tell you when the oil is hot enough. At Ghafarzade’s shop, the conversion costs $3,000 — $1,500 for parts and $1,500 for labor, although there are more expensive options for features like automatic shifting from diesel to veggie after the car starts up. Mercedes has been using a fleet of 36 hydrogen fuel cell buses in Hamburg, Germany, to improve fuel cell technology for its passenger cars. This bottle of used cooking oil was used to fill the gas tank of the converted 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel. It would be nice if we could find a new kind of fuel to use in our cars, something that gives us good mileage and doesn't cost much. Some enterprising environmentalists have discovered that restaurants will gladly give away their used fryer oil, since they usually have to pay to dispose of it.
Diesel engines were originally designed to run on a variety of fuels, including peanut oil and vegetable oil. You will need to install a separate fuel tank and fuel lines for the veggie oil – you can’t just modify the diesel tank because a converted car will still use some diesel fuel.

You will want to pre-filter the oil before you put it in the tank, in addition to having the filtration system in the car. You also need to purge the fuel lines of veggie oil by running on diesel a few minutes before turning the engine off. Veggie oil has been shown to have lower emissions of particulates and CO2, but a higher emission of nitrogen oxide.
This oil can be filtered and used to run cars and trucks that have been converted to run on vegetable oil.
These engines work by injecting the fuel into a chamber of compressed air, where it ignites. Early 1980s Mercedes-Benz diesel cars are favored for veggie oil conversion because they are well-built and use fuel injectors that are tolerant of slightly thicker fuel. At or below room temperature, veggie oil is too viscous to run through a diesel engine, so the engine needs to run on diesel for about 15 minutes until the oil heats up.
In addition, vehicles converted to use these oils would likely need to be certified by the EPA; to date EPA has not certified any conversions,” the agency’s web site says. Bob Teixeira’s “100% veggie oil” sticker attracted the attention of state officials who were checking for illegal fuels.

Gas cars use a spark plug, which won’t ignite veggie oil.You should start with a diesel car that’s 15 years or older, says Farhad Ghafarzade, a veggie oil mechanic who works out of a garage in Portland with his associate Jeremiah and their two dogs under the company name Funhad. Therefore, you need to jigger some hoses to divert hot water from the radiator and circulate it through the veggie oil tank in order to heat the oil.
Incredibly, that's exactly what some people are getting by using vegetable oil in their cars. Older diesel engines had fewer moving parts, which makes them more reliable post-conversion. Most restaurants just throw the stuff away when they're done cooking with it, so veggie fuel fans work out deals with their local eateries to come by periodically to pick up batches of old oil. Biodiesel is a type of fuel derived from vegetable sources, often soy, but is refined at a special facility which must follow anti-pollution laws and other fuel regulations.
You're basically using the vegetable oil you can buy at the supermarket (or get for free from a restaurant) as fuel.

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