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The Basics.В The paleo diet (or Palaeolithic) is meant to mimic, using our modern food system, what our pre-agricultural, hunter gatherer ancestors would have eaten.
The Pros.В Some of the main benefits associated with eating paleo are lower diseases, allergies, and other such ails that our Palaeolithic answers did not deal with. While both vegan and paleo diets are great for energy, keeping a stable weight, and getting lots of good nutrients, what it really comes down to, or so it seems, is the question of ethics.
I think a good idea is to do the research on our own for example the Paleo diet just like the Adkins is a fad and preys on America's protein addiction. Many people are in harms way if they go Paleo, there is danger in a high-protein diets, just because a protein rich diet can make you loose weight does not mean it is healthy skinny does not equal healthy.
Scott- here's the problem a lot of us that used to be vegetarian and are now Paleo have have with the vegetarian crowd.
Serve a heaping bowl of this zucchini pasta to your family for the ultimate Italian paleo vegan meal!
The paleoithic diet has become increasingly popular over the past year through it's association with CrossFit. The paleo lifestyle heavily promotes eating organic foods, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry and eggs, DHA fish oil, substantial amounts of healthy fats, UN-processed foods and no sugar.
Veganism has gained popularity over the past ten years and goes beyond what you put on your plate. This style of eating consists of foods that are one hundred percent raw, mainly fruits and veggies, or food that is not heated above 118 degrees.
With any style of eating, I also promote choosing organic fruit and vegetables, organic grass-fed beef, organic free-range poultry and eggs, and products that source organic and fair-trade, minimally processed ingredients.
Our New York Times bestselling book, It Starts With Food, outlines our full strategy for implementing a “Paleo” framework while still honoring your vegetarian or vegan principles.
In this special section of the book, we talk about the best food choices for vegetarians and vegans, ethical resources for responsibly sources animal products, and outline our strategies for minimizing the downsides of a traditional vegetarian diet.
In It Starts With Food, we outline several resources for vegetarians and vegans looking to implement a Paleo framework in their own diets. Conversations With a Vegetarian: How to talk Paleo nutrition with your vegetarian friends and family.
As an additional special bonus, download our complete shopping list, specifically tailored for vegetarians and vegans. We hope these resources help you apply the Paleo framework to your own diets, regardless of how much or how often you include animal protein sources.

Read It Starts With Food for all the details of how to implement our healthy eating framework for vegetarians and vegans. You can purchase the entire Paleo Summit package, with all of the resources, using the links above. As a book for meat eaters and for those interested in a better Paleo and Primal way of eating it gets 5 starts. I love a lot of the Whole30 principles, but can’t wrap my head around how this actually works for vegans.
Many people choose vegan for health reasons, but overwhelmingly, people choose a plant-based diet for ethical and moral reasons, be it animal rights, or environmental issues.
I have challenged my body with all of the major diets in the world; from growing up with the Standard American Diet (SAD) way of eating to being a hard-core raw vegan, and now a full-flesh eating paleolithic, I have gathered a lot of knowledge through research and tuning into the voice of my own body.
At the present moment, I have been following the paleo lifestyle and once again, feel absolutely amazing! Eating mostly raw is usually related to being one hundred percent vegan, but there are many people who follow a raw foods diet and also consume raw, organic, unpasteurized milk, and raw meat and eggs. Below is a list of additional resources, as well as our exclusive shopping list for vegetarians and vegans. In our shopping list, we outline the best animal and plant-based sources, to meet the needs of former vegetarians, current vegetarians willing to eat some animal products, and those who abstain from all animal sources.
And remember, simply selecting the healthiest vegetarian protein sources isn’t the full story!
But when vegans create well-rounded meals, they tend to be high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Ideally, when following the paleo diet, sugars, processed fats, and white grains are kept out of your diet; there are health issues associated with all of these things, which are simply not part of paleo eating habits. A vegan diet has been touted as THE anti-cancer diet for longer than the Paleo-Diet has been around.
Through two years of eating almost all raw and one hundred percent vegan, I was able to cleanse my body of the many toxins that built up from years of living in the Midwest on the SAD and also from when I was a very unhealthy vegetarian who ate mostly a low-fat, high-carb diet. Eating paleo has completely cleared up my digestion, gives me more sustained energy and cured me of major sugar cravings. The main idea behind this diet is that you eat foods in their most natural state, such as meat, eggs, vegetables, tubers, berries, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats (cold-pressed coconut oil and ghee). Two of my favorite leaders in the paleo movement are Diane Sanfilippo of Balance Bites and Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple.

Strict vegetarians do not eat any type of meat, such as beef, pork, poultry, wild game, or fish. Therefore, the bulk of their diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, fermented foods, and soy-based products (soy should be consumed in moderation). Includes best, better, good and avoid recommendations for eggs, dairy, and plant-based protein sources, plus vegetables, fruit and healthy fats. The way you portion food on your plate, the preparation methods of plant-based protein sources, the manner in which you supplement and other factors all play a role in the success of your vegetarian diet.
While I eat paleo myself, I have a lot of vegetarian friends who are very much interested in staying veg, but would like to do it more healthfully. I remember very early on at the first workshop I attended, when the question came up about what to tell our vegetarian friends, there wasn’t really an option.
Two such ways of eating, plant-based and paleo, contain such ideas of permanent lifestyle choice. To many, a vegan lifestyle means no animal products in their cosmetics or clothing, either.
The main foods in a paleo diet are what could have been found way back in the caveman days; meat, fish, nuts, seeds, regional and leafy greens, making this diet high in protein and vegetables, and low in fat and grain. And sometimes my friend Britt and I sit down to a raw vegan meal, working our way around the menu to find all the paleo eats. But that doesn’t mean our vegetarian friends can’t benefit from the concepts behind our program, while still working within the constructs of their self-imposed dietary restrictions.
Read about veganism in a nutshell here, or maybe about the morals behind it, to understand why many consider it important to exploit animals less. Some even question the science behind a paleo diet; the anthropological jury is still out on what our ancient ancestors would have been eating. Taking on a vegetarian lifestyle usually leads people to become more aware of our Country's food system and is a great way to transition into a vegan diet.

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Paleo diet weight loss success stories
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