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The general essence of the paleo diet is that our bodies haven’t changed super much from back in the old days when all we ate were meat, vegetables, nuts, and other non-processed foods.
The Vegan diet В is a type of vegetarian diet that not only excludes meat, but also any other animal-related foods (and some times not just foods). Not every paleo person only eats meat, and not every vegan person only eat processed foods. I seriously considered going vegan, but my PCOS was hard to manage with the carbs, and my hypothyroidism doesn’t tolerate the beans and soy that provide protein on a vegan diet. I bring this up so that you’ll understand that I really do get it when people get all fired up over the opening chapters in our book Deep Nutrition, which deal in part with the way our looks (Cate would say “our anatomies”) are affected by dietary choices.
But what I’m a really confused about is why, just recently, we’re all starting to take our dietary choices so personally. I recently watched a Youtube video of a well-known vegan commentator (an Australian fellow who, I swear, sounds just like the Geico Gecko) doing a slide-by-slide hit-list presentation of his nutritional enemies and indicting each one for not looking “buff” enough. I’ll listen, because I honestly believe I have far more in common with a kind and reasonable vegan nutrition researcher than I do with any of the mean-spirited name callers on the nutrition blogs. While as paleoveganista I photograph and write about every new recipe I make that has garnered favorable results among family and friends (and sometimes just me) I have a set of standards and ethics to adhere to when sharing or promoting these recipes. I planned to emphasize the importance of keeping the vegetable water, but now I don’t have to. Seasoned with nothing other than bit of salt, this simple (but not simplistic) version is a ten-minute recipe that exemplifies just how easy it is to prepare healthy, crowd-pleasing meals for vegans and non-vegans alike. Even though I’m not normally a fan of aioli , I thought I would try to make my own soy-free, paleo version.
If you read the nutrition blogs, you’ve seen how vicious people can get: “The author claims to be Paleo, but he’s obviously Primal!

Or me, with my weak chin and the long list of health problems I suffered from until I got turned on to a more holistic diet—all largely due to sloppy science. Campbell for getting folks to pass by the processed foods on their way to the vegetable section, and to congratulate him on all his recent success.
On this "diet" meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, roots and nuts are allowed (Paleo foods) but all grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar and processed oils are not allowed. They were the first “bar” that fit the criteria of my dietary preferences, but their overly-soft texture turned me off. When not at work and dining in the mess hall or teaching campers how to cook over a fire, I mostly ate raw vegetables.
No, there is no need to add a bottle of vegetable oil to the soup served to school children. This one utilizes wasabi, an ingredient choice that occurred when I envisioned the different types of veganaise that once inhabited my refrigerator.
Most paleo dieters (including me) love the diet for cutting out the processed foods and eating real whole foods. When I wanted the meal to look nice, I used a leatherman (pocket knife) to chop the cabbage (my dietary staple since 2010, it doesn’t require washing or boiling—as opposed to broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, and pretty much every other vegetable other than onions).
An overload of empty calories from an industrially-manufactured bottle of pure processed fat won’t help their nutritional intake, and will do little more than taint an otherwise healthful vegetable soup.
Due to dietary needs by gluten-free and vegetarian campers, the weekly menu includes things like vegetable stir-fry, curry, tacos, pizza, and pasta.
After watching Chef Ramsay demonstrate the recipe and explain each step in precise detail, I realized that single-ingredient blended vegetable soup can be more than a just a simple, frugal, no-frills meal or a means of utilizing the overgrowth of zucchini in the garden. If I forgot to bring one or the other, I’d get a Nature’s Path bar from the vending machine (because they’re vegan, and seemingly healthier than anything else available in the cafeteria).

They meet the criteria that a paleo-vegan test would require ingredient-wise, with flying colors. And Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef mastermind whose recipes are not typically hashtagged vegan, frugal, or basic seems to agree. Therefore, despite the fact that refried beans do not require fat (neither vegetable nor animal) to taste delicious and provide nutrients, the tradition of using it to cook beans, rice, meats, etc. In general, the adaptability of the kitchen staff to accommodate vegans has impressed me thus far. So, at the end of the day, I think what is most important is that we are all trying to better ourselves with our diets, and that we come up with more awesome recipes that are paleo, vegan, or both (I have these!) to help each other eat better! After reading his book, lots of folks have been effectively convinced to stop eating processed foods and to start eating plenty of (organic) veggies more, and to start cooking for themselves.
The thing is, I’ve never received anything other than very positive feedback or constructive criticism regarding my ideas or recipes, or my writing in general as paleoveganista, and even the occasional aggressive naysayer never gets me down; to the contrary, they motivate me to continue this and “stick to my guns”.
We generally relied on cans of mixed vegetables or black beans (which taste great straight from the can when you’re hungry) or leftover almonds from the trail mix (never bring trail mix with chocolate on a trek, fyi).
Come to think of it, of all the 35 different roommates I have lived with since 2007, none of them ever bought mayonnaise yet somehow many of them had an affinity for veganaise, nayonaise, or whatever other mayonnaise was available.
I haven’t lived with many vegans, yet somehow found myself surrounded by the omnivores-who-prefer-vegan-condiments crowd. Broccoli and cauliflower on the other hand, or romanesco (the vegetable I find most aesthetically intriguing, as indicated by the Paleoveganista logo) are visions of fractal geometry and perhaps inspired the concept itself.

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