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Written by Matt FrazierIt’s time to put an end to the idea that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet and running well are mutually exclusive. If your goal is weight loss, or if you train more or less than I do, your needs will be different than mine.В  Figure out what size meals work for you.
How you eat before, during, and after your workouts is especially important on any diet.В  For lots of guidelines and recipes for unprocessed, vegetarian workout foods, see the natural running fuel page. This post is part of a series on how to start eating a vegetarian diet, for new vegetarians or endurance athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. Ok all your posts got my attention and I ordered Thrive, I just read it this weekend and I like the concept…I think I understand better now his thoughts, but in some ways it does feel to strict or too raw for my tastes. The idea of bringing Vega powder along to put in smoothies is certainly a way to get a lot of good, necessary nutrients.
It’s hard for me to say whether or not giving up meat has helped my running since they both went sort of hand-in-hand for me.
I would like any references that you can share for vegetarian teens that are overweight but still want to maintain the vegetarian life.
Great article and have read many like it, I have been a distance runner for years, my father a distance runner and MMA fighter for decades, myself and my father both run 13-20 miles daily, we both have never had a day off work or any kind of serious injury, I have been vegan from birth and my dad for over 25 years.

Beans can make up a good part of a vegetarian’s diet yet now that it’s summer, we often forget about them.
I’m a vegetarian newbie and this gives me a definite starting point to plan out my meals this week. Even though I am a meatmeat athlete I dont really consume all that much these days (Im just loathe to surrender my beloved beef jerky…).
I still have about 60 lbs to lose to meet my goal, but I am feeling stronger and better all around since going vegetarian. Probably because I’ve been following your blog since I became a vegetarian late last summer.
Thanks for writing it — it is very informative, especially for a newbie vegetarian and a newbie athlete. It is easy for teens to receive proper nutrition for sporting events by eating a variety of foods.
Eating a variety of foods and taking in more calories during times of increased exercise are important.В  Teen athletes are able to receive everything they need from a vegan diet to perform at their maximum potential. I’ve cut out red meat and am basically down to chicken and fish which I will try and phase out over the next few weeks (or maybe months for the fish).

There are so many foods like Pinole and Chia that I probably would’ve never come across if it were not for this blog.
In general, teen athletes should receive the majority of their calories from complex carbohydrates, a moderate amount from protein, and a moderate to low amount from fat.В  The bulk of these calories should be nutritionally dense, meaning they provide substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals. Her most recent works include "The Vegan Teen Athlete", "Nutrition Blog-Line: Milk Alternatives", and "The Vegetarian Asian Kitchen". For example, nutritionally dense carbohydrates include whole grain breads and pastas, brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain flour.
I think people need to realize that switching to a vegetarian diet is going to be trial and error- you have to figure out what works for you! Vitamin B12 and iron,В  are two nutrients that vegans need to monitor.В Vitamin B12 can be found in fortified foods, including soymilk, cereals, and nutritional yeast.

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