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Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Vegan Recipes Uk. We’ve pulled together our most popular recipes, our latest additions and our editor’s picks, so there’s sure to be something tempting for you to try. Subscribe to BBC Good Food magazine and get triple-tested recipes delivered to your door, every month. A book that cannot be recommended enough to any beginner vegan is Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Another worthwhile, and slightly less bulky, read for the more modest everyday vegan cook is The Vegan Pantry by Dunja Gulin.
Treats: Drop the diet for 30 minutes and get ready to drool over peanut butter brownies and salted caramel thick shakes at Cookies and Scream Bakery. Founder of The Moral Munch, Susanna is a UK registered Dietitian with an MSc in Obesity Prevention and is a plant-based food enthusiast. I’ve been vegan for 27 years and consider it one of the best decisions of my life (my doctor agrees).
The results we show for the keyword Vegan Recipes Uk will change over time as new trends develop in the associated keyword catoegory and market. As more health claims emerge regarding the benefits of plant-based eating and more celebrities share their meat and dairy-free regimes, the vegan evolution is slowly taking over. This is your opportunity to join the vegan revolution in 2015 and make a delicious pledge to health, animals and the planet.
Despite being in an old Victorian public lavatory, the staff at The Attendant are great at making you feel welcomed with a healthy fuelling feast for your vegan breakfast.
This bakery specialises in the most inappropriately indulgent vegan and gluten free treats, so make sure you wear an elasticated waist, and take something home for later.
This is an enlightening showcase of new products, vegan-friendly food companies and knowledgeable vegan enthusiasts who can help you make healthier decisions for you and the planet.
Read on for more on the wide variety of veggie diets and the pros and cons of being a vegetarian. By planning delicious meals or choosing recipes from your favourite cookbook, you can guarantee a varied and exciting vegan diet. Make sure all meals are balanced, providing a range of fresh vegetables (aim for at least 5 portions per day), sources of wholegrain complex carbohydrates (basmati rice, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potatoes), sources of vegan-friendly protein (tofu, tempeh, soya, beans, lentils) and sources of calcium or dairy-free milk products fortified with calcium and vitamin B12.
Many vegetarians do so as a compassionate choice, citing concerns over the 2.5 million animals slaughtered in the UK every day.

Some worry about the environmental toll of animal farming, or consider a vegetarian or vegan diet a healthier alternative. Following a vegetarian or vegan diet may also be for religious or cultural reasons, as is the case for many Hindus and Rastafarians.
Meat Free MondayA flexitarian is someone who eats a mainly vegetarian diet but will eat meat occasionally.
Flexitarians are not vegetarian but often have the same concerns about compassion in farming, the environment and health that vegetarians do. A healthy choiceUsually, a vegetarian diet is naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol but high in complex carbohydrates.
Studies suggest that a vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of certain conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some diet-related cancers. A study of 70,000 Seventh-day Adventists showed vegetarians lived longer than non-vegetarians. However, the vegetarians also tended to make healthy lifestyle choices about not smoking, taking exercise and alcohol in moderation. Vegetarians are more likely to eat the 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by the government's "eatwell plate".
Bear in mind that while meat sources contain all the amino acids the body needs, vegetable plant sources may not. Without a balanced diet, vegans especially may become deficient in iron, zinc, vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D.
Pulses (peas, beans and lentils), nuts and grains are all healthy choices contributing to your daily protein intake, and unlike meat and dairy foods, are a valuable source of dietary fibres associated with good bowel health.Including both pulses and grains in your daily diet helps provide the full range of amino acids (the 'building blocks' for protein) that your body needs. Say yes to soya and other vegetable proteinsWith so many vegetarian meat alternatives on the market it's easy to cook a meal suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Quorn, a vegetarian mycoprotein, is another popular meat-free product available as ready meals.
Meat meal substitutes, such as beanburgers and lentil bakes, are also popular with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Calcium and vitamin DVegetarian diets that include milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products, provide plenty of calcium, one of the key nutrients needed for healthy bones. For vegans, calcium-fortified soya or rice milk, tofu and soya desserts are a source of dietary calcium. Green leafy vegetables (excluding spinach), sesame seeds, nuts, pulses and white bread also provide dietary calcium.

Ergocalciferol, or vitamin D2, is the plant version of vitamin D suitable for vegans, and is also available as a supplement.
Other dietary sources include wholegrain breads, nuts, soya, tempeh, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds. Dietary calcium and protein helps the body absorb zinc, and yeast-based and sourdough breads, and pre-soaked legumes also help absorption. Vegans are particularly susceptible to B12 deficiency as this vitamin is only naturally found in animal products, dairy foods and eggs. However, 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg, the lower intake of saturated fats and the healthier body weight enjoyed by many vegetarians all contribute to maintaining a healthy heart. Vegetable sources of omega-3 include walnuts, flaxseed and rapeseed oil, soya based foods, like tofu, and omega-3 fortified eggs.
Vegetarian kidsChildren aren't mini adults and need enough calories, protein and micronutrients to grow healthily into adulthood. It's important that children have 2-3 portions of nuts or vegetable protein a day to ensure adequate protein and iron. Include iron-containing foods such as fortified breakfast cereals, dark green vegetables, wholemeal bread, beans and lentils and dried fruit regularly in their diet.
Veggie mums-to-beVegetarian mums-to-be need to make sure they eat a varied and balanced diet with enough iron and vitamin B12. Pregnant and breastfeeding women may be short on vitamin D, so regardless of dietary intake all women are advised to take a vitamin D supplement throughout pregnancy.
Vegan mums-to-be may be advised to take a vegan supplement of ergocalciferol, vitamin D2, during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. For example, if your favourite recipe is lasagne, try a veggie version by replacing minced beef with spinach, beans or tofu.
Vegetarian stuffed peppersStuff a fresh red, green or yellow pepper with a tasty mix of couscous or rice and vegetables like mushrooms or diced tomatoes. Veggie chilliVegetarian chilli is an excellent, flavour-packed alternative to traditional chilli con carne and works for veggies and meat eaters alike.
Veggie soupThere are hundreds of flavour-packed veggie soup recipes to choose from to add to your vegetarian repertoire.

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