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A person can become a vegan because of ethical reasons involving animal rights, for environmental factors, or for better health.
Virtually all vegan societies also add that a vegan does not use products that come from animals, such as leather, wool, down, cosmetics, or products which have been tested on animals. Vegans do not consume or use dairy products or eggs even though doing so would not kill the animal. Many vegans also say that there would still be slaughter of animals if we all became vegetarians who only consumed dairy and eggs from animals.
Vegans say that veganism is a lifestyle with a philosophy that animals are not ours to use. In the pursuit of higher yields, most vegans believe that livestock farms are accelerating topsoil erosion4; lowering its productivity for the cultivation of crops. Men with early stage prostate cancer who make intensive changes in diet and lifestyle may stop or perhaps even reverse the progression of their illness, according to one study published in the Journal of Urology. An article published in Food Technology in October 2012 explained that plant-based diets either minimize or completely eliminate people's genetic propensity to developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes contain no cholesterol and are low in fat, especially saturated fats. Researchers from Japan and Italy reported in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry that vegetarians and vegans have a high risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency.
A significant number of vegans say the most successful way to become a long-term vegan is to do so gradually.
Some people shift into veganism by looking for replacement foods that taste and look a bit like animal products, while others jump straight in. The following is a list of famous people who are alleged to follow or have followed a vegan diet. We take a look at fish oils, in particular what they are, the potential health benefits of including them in your diet and the best sources of fish oils. The general interpretation is that a vegan will not consume any foods of animal origin, not even honey, while a vegetarian might consume eggs (ovo-vegetarian), or dairy (lacto-vegetarian).
A vegan believes that producing food through animal farming is inefficient, because animal feed production takes up a lot of land, fertilizer, water, and other resources - resources that could be used for feeding humans.

The fat and protein content of cow's milk is very different from human milk - vegans say that we are not designed for consuming cow's milk.
Vegans say there are several plant based foods that are good sources of protein, such as beans, peanuts, and soya. She helped me both physically and mentally and has provided me with life long lessons on how diet and stress affect your overall well being.
After learning about my eating habits she put me on a path that steadily and smartly adjusted what I ate and I was amazed how quickly I noticed results  – and I never felt I was on a diet.

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