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Investing in a healthy lifestyle can help bolster your immune system, your body's defense against foreign pathogens -- bacteria and viruses -- that cause illness. Vitamin C, with its handful of benefits, has earned its reputation as an important antioxidant and immune-boosting nutrient.
Veganism can be defined as the custom of refraining from animal and its products in form of food or other derived products.
Veganism is classified into: 1) Dietary vegans – vegetarians who abstain from animal produce, that includes meat, fish, any dairy product and other animal-derived substances. Vegan diet (and occasionally, even vegetarian diet) have many advantages over non-vegetarian diet. Stable blood sugar can be achieved without any difficulty if nutritional vegetarian diet is accepted, and it lowers the risk of diabetes down a notch.
Also, vegan and vegetarian diets have low content of sodium and fats, and hence, helps reduce blood pressure. Furthermore, a vegetarian diet saves money in restaurants and hotels since a vegetarian meal is less expensive than its meatier counterpart. It is observed that people have significantly lower amount of blemishes after they switch to vegan diet.В Water based and nutrient rich food have high content of antioxidants, which protects the damaging of the cells and hence help the body retain healthy skin.
Fruits and vegetables beat the non-vegetarian food in context ofВ water content and nutrient. Also, vegan diet helps reduce blood pressure which improves the blood circulation in the body.
One of the main concerns around adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is whether it is nutritionally sufficient.

While physical activity, a healthy weight, quitting smoking and good blood pressure give your immune system a well-deserved boost, eating varied, healthy foods also helps keep your defense mechanisms on guard. Vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient, assures that cells of your immune system function at their absolute best. 2) Ethical vegan – a person who, in addition to being a dietary vegan, also opposes the use of animal products for any purpose. Apart from the health benefits, veganism also emphasizes on the environment and the balance in nature and the injustice faced by the animals.
Yet again, the preference of vegan food completely eradicates the risk of contacting the illness.
Henceforth, it reduces the chances of weight gain which ultimately reduces the possibility of health problems caused by obesity.В The reason may be that vegan diet includes fruits and vegetables which possess less saturatedВ  fat, and as a result, they possess less calorie which acts a vital role in the weight moderation.
Vegan diet reduces the risk of heart diseases, and also, prevents heart attacks & stroke. This worry is predominantly due to the primary status that meat based foods have in the western diet. Following these diets can help you reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions including obesity, heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and, type 2 diabetes.
Vitamin B12 is responsible for red blood cell growth and nervous system maintenance, however the only natural sources of this vitamin are meat, dairy and eggs. They are necessary for tissue structure, enzyme systems, fluid balance, cellular function and neurotransmission. Furthermore, a diet rich in vitamin C significantly increases chemotaxis -- the movement of white blood cells called neutrophils toward sites of infection.

They also enhance the production of cytokines, proteins that regulate immunity and inflammation. In respect to it, a person who has no problem with eating dairy supplements – in the form of milk or egg, is said to be known as a vegetarian. 3) Environmental vegans – they are referred to the group of people who reject the use of animal products since it harms the nature and are unsustainable. Although animal products do offer nutrients that support a healthy immune system and body functions, there is ever increasing evidence emerging that whole-food vegetarian and vegan diets are nutritionally adequate.
Therefore those following an animal product-free diet, especially vegan, are at risk of deficiency. In addition, they stimulate the activity of macrophages and neutrophils, immune cells that kill bacteria. Eating foods high in vitamin E may reduce your risk of getting upper respiratory infections, such as colds, according to a study published in the 2007 issue of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” You can get enough vitamin E from vegetable oils, broccoli, almonds and peanut butter.
By comparison, adaptive immunity develops through exposure to various antigens, molecules on the surface of bacteria and viruses.
To ensure consumption of sufficient B12, vegetarians should select eggs and dairy products daily. A vegetarian diet supplies all the proteins and nutrients necessary for the body, and as a result, it is a better alternative for a diet.

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