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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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In my recent article, “Power Building For Serious Strength and Size,” I highlighted the template I have found most efficient for building lean mass while improving power, strength, and athletic output.
While I have highlighted what I use to pack on size, keep in mind that I follow basically the same diet year round. There are different trains of thought regarding the exact amount of calories needed for this surplus, and I am going to put my two cents into that now.
A common caloric surplus recommended for building lean muscle is about 20–22 calories per pound of body weight.
While I believe this 20–22 caloric surplus is a good starting point, and may very well work just fine for you, I am going to say that it doesn’t work for everyone—myself included.
Without going into the typical vegan “people always ask me where…” we have all read a millions times, I will say protein does matter, the quality matters, and we all need a good amount of it if we wish to gain and maintain muscle. The cool thing about a vegan diet is that plenty of great carb sources are also packed with protein, fiber, and iron—so in my eyes we can get the most bang for our buck when we eat food like oatmeal, legumes, quinoa, grains, and nuts. The antioxidant properties in fruits and vegetables are essential for athletic recovery and basic health, so an optimal diet should be rich in them. I will be blunt: low carb diets are stupid for plenty of reasons, and I am sure there are articles out there that can explain why without me boring you on the subject here—so eat your carbs!
Like a low-carb diet, the fad diets out there filled with chemically altered “low fat” foods are also very, very stupid; however, moderation should be minded to this area of our diet. Easily my favorite meal, and while I am down to mix some things up in my diet, I have this literally every day. Post-workout it is important to replenish nutrients and to begin recovery for your next session. I get creative here, but it always involves some form of Sunwarrior, and some variation of nut butter or fruit, and un-sweetened almond milk. This is a delicious ice cream shake I copped from Mike Mahler’s website, and even my dairy eating, beer swilling buddies in Wisconsin agree that this vegan specialty absolutely rules.

This is a great shake before bed time as it is packed with complete protein, and healthy, slow digesting fats to keep you satiated and recovering for the next morning’s intense session.
Vegan Fitness is home to many strength athletes including competitive powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongmen and Olympic lifters. The main focus of the strength section of the forum is the Vegan Strength Table, listing nearly 200 forum member's lifting totals. However, we are what we eat, and in order for any strength program to work effectively, a consistent, nutrient-dense diet must be followed at all times. While much of protein comes from dense sources with complete amino acid profiles such as Sunwarrior products, tofu, quinoa, nutritional yeast, etc., I also factor in the protein I am consuming in veggies, oats, grains, and even fruit into my daily totals. Carbohydrates are the most potent sources of energy for all human beings, and they are essential to a quality performance if you are an athlete.
Fat is an excellent tool for recovery, as it prompts the production of hormones in our bodies, and adding in some extra dietary fat on these days works well for me.
Fruits and veggies are packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that will counteract the lactic acid build-up from the training session.
While competing as a professional mixed martial artist, Dylan began researching the benefits of plant-based nutrition and devoted himself to a vegan lifestyle in 2011. A post-workout smoothy void of protein, but full of fruits and vegetables is still an excellent choice to aid the recovery process, and for general health.
Like I said in the article, I basically eat these sames foods year round but curb my portions–including a slight curb in protein in take (which goes against the grain of a lot of body building propaganda, but personally works great for me). When I first went vegan literally all I would eat is oatmeal,split peas, veggies and almonds, and I looked and felt great on that simple diet alone. I’d rather be getting more of my calories from carbs for the energy and satiety factors.
As the table includes members of varied abilities, including some elite athletes, it provides motivation to try and catch the people above you in the table.В Other more light hearted threads related to the strength forum include the infamousВ Bulkers Corner, charting the exploits of many athletes putting on weight "bulking" with a vegan diet.

Two of the most active strength communites linked with Vegan Fitness are MVS (Melbourne Vegan Strength) andВ Vegan Strength Germany. However, even if you are a meat-eater, I would still advocate this plan—I was once a “meat and potatoes” athlete myself and I know that anyone can benefit from a nutrient-dense and primarily alkaline diet. So, whether you are male or female, and whether you are looking to gain or lose weight, the basic guidelines of this article can definitely be a good starting point for you. You need to train hard and stick to a solid diet at least 90–95% of the time to get the results you want. He is the founder of Street Narrative— an online culture column profiling individuals at the forefront of social issues, music, visual art, and extreme sports. Even those of us who are looking to pack on size and strength don’t need much more than that, especially as we become more adept at training because protein metabolism becomes more efficient in response to training. The best way to keep this consistency is to pick nutritious foods you look forward to eating every day—enjoy your diet, and you will have no problem sticking with it. Seek the advice of a medical professional before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet. There is a synergistic energy that occurs when foods are combined in their natural forms, and not stripped of other nutrients or parts.
The reality is everyone has a different metabolism and body type, and this needs to be factored in when considering any diet plan. However, my mom always omitted the King’s love of fried bacon and dairy butter in the sandwiches she made for me, and like my mom, I continue to do so myself.

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