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While being vegetarian clearly has many advantages, the disadvantages of being a vegetarian often deter people from taking the leap into a meat-free diet.
One of the top reasons people avoid being vegetarian is because they are worried they won't get enough protein.
Most vegetarians start out by simply removing meat from their current diet, but to have a truly balanced nutritional profile, you will need to go further than that and explore new foods. New vegetarians are fearful that they won't have enough options, and they simply don't know where to start.
Turkey for Thanksgiving, ham for Easter -- for some of people, these traditions are so engrained they may even break from their vegetarian routine for holidays. While you can go through life eating prepared foods without meat, to really take advantage of the health benefits of being vegetarian you'll eventually want to crack open a good vegetarian cookbook and get creative with eating a variety of foods. While it's true that cooking will make life easier, even if you've never cracked open a cookbook you can still become a vegetarian. Depending on your level of commitment to vegetarianism, you may wish to begin reading labels.
With the advent of the internet, it is much easier to find specialty vendors that offer vegetarian- or vegan-friendly products. With a little education and a firm commitment to your new lifestyle, you will be a happy, healthy vegetarian in no time.
For people who have a very strong will and the will to be a good student vegetarian diet is recommended. Vegetarian diets encompass a continuum from diets that allow some animal sources of nutrients to those that not only exclude animal source of nutrients permitted.We will first look at the advantages of the diet then we will look at the four types vegetarian diets starting with the least strict to the most strict diet . Close to 17 million people in the US are vegetarian with about over 7 million being vegans and all are reaping the benefits of the vegetarian diet . Depending on the particular pattern of consuming eggs (ova ) and milk (lacto) or using one but not the other, ovalactovegetarian can be an extremely sound approach to healthful eating during the entire course of the adult years.
The exclusion of meat as protein reduce the intake of fats while consumption of milk or eggs allow for an adequate amount of saturated fat to remain in the diet. Two relatively minor concerns associated with some ovolactovegetarian diets are those of zinc deficiency and overuse of a wide variety of dietary supplements. People who include dairy products in their diet but no other animal products such as eggs and meat are lactovegetarians. This is a diet which not only meat but other animal products such as milk cheese and eggs are removedВ in the diet regime.
In addition to the potential amino acid deficiency the vegan can also have some difficulty in maintaining the necessary intake of vitamins B12. Possible ramifications of inadequate B12 intake could include depression ,anemia ,back pain and menstrual irregularities.
A final area of potential difficulty for vegan is that of an insufficient caloric intake of the point that proteins stores (muscle mass) are used for energy. When practice knowledgeable vegan, vegetarians is sound virtually for all people including pregnant and breastfeeding women ,infants, and children non frail older adults and athletes . However persons who wish to adapt a vegetarian or vegan diet should not make the decision overnight.
Cydney Walker is a registered dietitian and personal trainer who began writing about nutrition and exercise during her dietetic internship in 2000.
AdvantagesA vegetarian diet is usually low in saturated fat, the solid fat found in animal meats. Nonheme IronA vegetarian diet has a higher concentration of nonheme iron, which means this plant-based iron is not absorbed as readily as heme iron found in animal flesh. An Everyday Health Property The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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Most of these disadvantages are easy to overcome and should not stand in the way of choosing a vegetarian lifestyle.
Luckily, this concern is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be and is more perceived than real. In reality, the possibilities for vegetarians are literally endless and including everything under the sun except for just one item. Most restaurant menus are geared towards meat eaters, and their vegetarian offerings are often limited to meat dishes with the absence of meat. It can be awkward to politely remind your host that you are vegetarian, but it is necessary.
Ask them what they were planning to cook and then offer a vegetarian alternative that is easy to make on the side. Some friends and family will congratulate you, others may ask you about your reasons behind becoming a vegetarian, and some will outright challenge you about your choice. Help them understand why you are a vegetarian and answer their questions with thoughtful responses.
It may take some trial and error as you search for foods that satisfy your craving for a hearty meal, but eventually you will create new traditions that you can enjoy for years to come. A study was done atВ Ullevaal University Hospital, Oslo, Norway(2) to see if vegetarian diet can be used to treatВ  rheumatoid arthritis since they found that fasting worked but the patents would go relapse after returning to their old diet . An octolactovegetarian diet provides the body with essential amino acids while limiting the high intake of fats seen in more conventional diets. The consistent use of vegetable products as the primary source of supports the dietary recommendation for an increase in complex carbohydrates and an increase in fiber. Nonmetallic bacon strip s, hamburger and chicken patties and link sausage can be used by people who want to retrieve their meat intake but still want a meat like product.
In comparison to the particular ovalactvegetarian diet the vegan diet requires a higher level of nutritional understanding to avoid nutritional inadequacies .
Since a single plant source does not contain all the essential amino acids vegan must consistent employ a complentary diet . If you would like to obtain more information about these advertising practices and to make choices about online behavioral advertising, please click here. As you become a more savvy vegetarian, you will discover hidden, high-protein gems like cottage cheese, tempeh, nuts, food combining, and tofu. To make sure you have a fully balanced diet, get a book from the library on vegetarian nutrition so you can educate yourself about how to get the nutrients your body needs by eating a combination of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and essential fats found in things like avocado and olive oil.
Go outside your comfort zone and look at becoming vegetarian as a way to change the entire way that you eat and become a healthier you. Unfortunately, taking meat away from a dish doesn't mean that you are getting a healthy, well-balanced vegetarian meal. You may meet people think that animal products like pork or fish are not really meat, or encounter other issues related to a general lack of knowledge about vegetarianism. Look for vegetarian entrees in the freezer aisle with a mix of grains and legumes, and then add a simple fresh salad, a peeled avocado, or some fruit on the side. Be prepared for questions from friends and family, and decide how you will handle holidays. What that after 4 week on the diet patients withВ  rheumatoid arthritis were experiencing less pain and swollen joints . However, the general use of large quantities of dietary supplements may be harmful or at best , unnecessary.
In contrast people who exclude dairy such as milk and cheese, yet consume eggs are ovavegetarians. By carefully combining various grains, seeds and legumes , amino acid deficiency can be prevented.
Others wish to promote healthier lifestyles to lower their risk of certain diseases and cancer.

Fortified Vitamin B-12 is necessary in vegetarian products, such as soy-based analogs and cereals. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, most foods fortified with iron are with nonheme iron commonly found in plants. As you slowly transition your diet over to vegetarian fare, over time you will find it is easy to get a balanced diet.
Adding one new food or recipe a week can help increase your food vocabulary in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming as you shift your diet away from the standard meat and potatoes diet. When the night of the dinner arrives, you'll most likely get questions about your special dish, and why you are a vegetarian.
Bring your own food to holiday gatherings to make sure you are covered and remove any stress from the host. If you are new to cooking and want to learn, start slow by learning to steam vegetables or boil pasta.
Both diets carry advantages of ovalactovegetarians but are a bit more demanding because of the elimination of one of the two nonmetallic sources of animal products.
Supplements and daily exposure to sunshine will aid in maintaining adequate levels of this vitamin. The vegetarian diet needs to include planning to lower the chance of nutritional deficiencies that can put your health at risk. Vegetarian diets are higher in fiber than traditional meat-based diets, especially the Western diet followed in the United States. Vegetarians would need to consume large amounts of cheese, whole eggs and other dairy products to get adequate amounts of B-12.
Remain gracious, light-hearted, and brief in your responses, and your meal choice will eventually fade into the background and become a non-issue as dinner progresses.
Develop a support network of other vegetarians to discuss issues that arise and provide mutual support and inspiration. If you want to avoid discussing your food options for most of the holiday, come prepared with a list of other conversation topics to fill your discussions with friends and family. Most of all, be patient with yourself and the loved ones around you as you make the transition to eating meat-free meals.
Some nutrients in the vegetarian diet are not absorbed or utilized as well as those taken from animal sources. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, following a vegetarian diet may decrease your risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and hypertension.
Nonheme iron absorption is inferior to heme iron found in animal flesh, but other dietary components of foods influence nonheme iron absorption. Over time, these disadvantages will be a distant memory as you find a rhythm in your new way of life.
Other critical vitamins and minerals lacking in the vegetarian diet include vitamin D, calcium and zinc.
Vitamin C rich foods, such as citrus fruits, berries, melon, bell peppers and leafy greens, increase nonheme iron absorption, which can alleviate decreased absorption of plant-based iron. Vegans will find extra challenge with eating out if they are concerned about separate cookware being used for their food. Omega-3 fats are easier to absorb and reduce inflammation in the body when consumed from cold-water fish than plant sources, such as flax seeds, a primary source of omega-3 fats in the vegetarian diet. Luckily, vegetarian restaurants are now becoming more popular and even have dishes that meat-eaters will love. Another great option is to meet your friends to eat at a food court and bring your own food from home.

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