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I should be adding a lot more funny before pictures tonight lol :) It's kind of embaressing, but it's nice to see the change!
SoCalTimmy replied to Leah Sheppard's discussion STILL experiencing acne after 3 months Raw till 4. I am beyond happy with my results from my Crossfit gym's Paleo Challenge this past January and February. The one thing that really surprised me is after I cut the grains and sugar, I stopped having food cravings.
I'm actually really looking forward to reading this post in the next 6 to 9 months or so and compare these results to the results I have then.

I plan on creating another post shortly which will outline better what I'm now eating on a daily basis, including what substitutions I've found for things like pasta and grains. If anyone has any specific questions on crossfit, vegan paleo, what I eat or my results, please let me know! Clean and Pure is gaining momentum here in Oz not just as a one off detox but as a lifestyle choice, praise the gym gods for that one!
When I went 100 lfrv with no overt fats, the weight came off very quickly, even though I wasn't exercising as much as I do now and I was eating unlimited food (I still eat unlimited food, lol :)В  ). I loved how that project worked, the whole farm to plate thing has been solved with such a creative and enviro friendly solution.

I think that by loving yourself more, it just opens so many doors, making it easier to love others, the planet, and our sweet animal friends.

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