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I have a whole bunch of blueberries at home that would love to be mixed into a pancake like this, maybe even for dinner tonight! I have a question to the recipe: My pancakes stayed kind of doughy-wet inside even though they cooked beautifully from the outside. First time making these as I a new vegan…they were very good and I was surprised at how good they can taste without the sugar and dairy. There are tons of vegan pancake recipes out there, I would just google around and experiment with a few to see what you like best! Pancakes are much easier than spilling a bag of espresso beans while making Homemade Bailey’s. Light, fluffy, with chunks of banana and juicy blueberries, these pancakes taste so good they can be enjoyed plain. Note: If using frozen blueberries, pour batter onto skillet first and then top with blueberries to prevent bleeding. As I mentioned these hold together very well, especially considering they are vegan and gluten-free. 1)В  If you are using frozen blueberries like I was, sprinkle the blueberries directly onto the pancakes (like above) rather than mixing into the batter. 2) The best pancake tip I ever learned is to preheat the skillet completely before adding on the pancake batter.
Before you know it, you’ll have incredibly wholesome pancakes you can feel good about eating. Here is the recipe for the Superfruit Smoothie that we made for the country house brunch this past weekend. Thank you for this lovely recipe, I’ve made these pancakes yesterday and we absolutely loved them. We don’t have and egg free version of this recipe, but you can try to substitute eggs for apple sauce and a little flour.

Hello, I know that this is not a new recipe post, but i have tried it out this mornigng and I would just like to say that these pancakes are really great. You have to cook them slowly and then when they bubble like normal pancakes be really swift and slide your spatula under the pancake in one quick motion (they are delicate and if you go in slowly and get stuck they will break apart). Ahhh for the first time ever I was able to finish a stack of pancakes without feeling like a sick mess!
For anyone who is having trouble making these (or in fact any of the GKS pancake recipes) because they are too delicate, try adding a teaspoon or two of psyllium husk, it adds a bit of sturdyness and doesn’t disrupt the original texture or flavour, plus you get extra dietary fibre!
Hi Avrutina, you will definitely get more than four pancakes from this recipe, as the pancakes are quite small. You need to be careful when flipping gluten-free pancakes, as they are a little trickier than normal. I know all about the college pancake pounds…very excited to have a healthier alternative! And I love that you made them gluten free AND vegan – I’ve been looking for a recipe like this! I worked on it for quite awhile… the banana really does wonders -making them cohesive, light and not dense. There are some enormous healthy benefits to blueberry’s due to their antioxidants and bananas are said to put you in a good mood!
I also tried subbing the rice flour for oat flour and the pancakes completely stuck to the pan, so I would advise against that substitution.
Just be sure to make leftovers so you can whip up those pancake burritos for a yummy snack. Pour 3 small portions of pancake batter in the pan at the time and fry the pancakes on both sides.
I tried to make them but failed completely when flipping the pancakes, they just fell apart !

I have been searching for a recipe for pancakes, no eggs, dairy, sugar but rather natural flavours or agave or dates or buckwheat flour if need be. These were glorious, and so easy to make, I was sneaky and had mine with a side of chopped banana, cinnamon, honey and peanut butter (because I can’t get away from the stuff). I think the amount of banana in the batter makes them color on the outside quicker than normal pancake batter.
I made these a couple weekends ago when I was feeling bored of my usual pancakes and I’ve since made 4 batches. You can try to test fry the first pancake if it does not hold together, add more shredded coconut.
If you want to make a larger amount of pancakes without adding more eggs or bananas, I would recommend adding 100 ml plant milk (we often use oat milk) and around 75 ml almond flour or buckwheat flour (or whatever you have at home). They are not only gluten-free and vegan, but they hold together perfectly and taste incredible, even plain.
I tried subbing the rice flour for oat flour and the pancakes completely stuck to the pan, so I would advise against that substitution. I spent a lot of years eating a LOT of pancakes… pancakes for dinner, late nights at Denny’s, the whole bit. As always, if you’d like the pancakes strictly gluten-free, be sure to check all labels before using.
This all added up to a number of post-college pancake pounds, and the easiest thing for me to do was cut out the temptation altogether.

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