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Working with the men's alpine ski team before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Korzun and team trainers spent one year monitoring hydration and blood levels for athletes, both when they cooked on their own and when meals were planned and prepared for them. Ski events at the Olympics range from the giant slalom to cross-country races to the ski jump, and the nutritional demands for athletes in such different sports varies considerably. News and World Report" explains, athletes who compete in the Winter Olympics generally eat the type of diet that is recommended for everyone else.
Korzun says cross-country skiers generally fuel themselves like endurance runners -- plenty of carbs and lean proteins -- but also need to take into account cold weather in establishing the correct intake of electrolytes during a race. Trainers use the results to develop conditioning programs and Korzun uses the results to fine-tune diets.

But in the Nordic combined event, a combination of cross-country skiing and ski jumping, athletes often need to shed weight to jump higher while maintaining strength for the skiing portion of the event.
For example, a lactate acid threshold test, which measures endurance, might indicate a skier needs more carbs after exercise to enhance recovery. At times, dietitian and chef Adam Korzun prepared every meal for America's elite wintertime jocks, occasionally serving up dinners of pancakes, bacon and eggs.
Take the pancake dinner, a yummy meal for skiers and snowboarders who might train at 6 a.m.
At the 2010 Winter Olympics, Team USA won 37 medals, the largest haul by a single nation in Winter Olympics history.

But after days of heavy training, a pancake dinner not only is a treat, it serves to replenish carbs and add sodium to the diet from the bacon.

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