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As you can see, this chart shows that a diet that is comprised mostly of fruits and vegetables creates the best foundation for an alkaline composition.
If you look down and notice your toenails starting to get thicker and even change colors slightly, think back to what trauma your feet may have incurred. Skin Changes: Skin thins with decreased cell turnover, and the fatty layer decreases, creating more stress on the feet.
Toenail Changes: Toenails usually become thicker and more brittle with age, making them more difficult to cut. The change in design is a result of technology and health sciences melding philosophies, with the goal of keeping runners training longer and healthier. She told me she’d been struggling with chronic sinusitis and is trying to find more ways to incorporate foods into her diet that might help.

I am always so surprised when I read charts like this, since sometimes healthy foods are actually acidifying! Foods high in purines such as mushrooms, organ meats, herring, and asparagus, can cause a high production of uric acid crystals, which can get caught in the joints and cause swelling and pain.
One reason that nails become thicker is because their growth slows over time, mostly due to hormonal changes in the body.
Changes in bones, tendons, and ligaments can increase the length of the foot by as much as a shoe size through the aging process.
I have a question, though: it seems counter intuitive to me that something like a lemon, which is obviously quite acidic, would be considered alkaline, while milk and cream, which are considered basic, would be in the acid group. Since red meat is a culprit, it is important to replace the protein with foods such as salmon, turkey, chicken breast, beans, nuts, and legumes.

Junger’s elimination diet enabled me to change my pallet, and I started to crave alkaline foods.
Now that my diet is comprised almost exclusively of alkaline foods, my body is much more aware when I eat acidic foods, and therefore I am not able to consume as much of that food without getting sick.
Foot size can change in important ways throughout adulthood, and if ignored, can lead to a host of problems.

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