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In April of 2012, an authentic eleven course Edwardian feast transported 15 friends, old and new, to the time of the Titanic.  With one exceptional chef, her assistant, footmen, service a la Russe, period music, and eleven delightful guests, it was a truly magically evening. Guests, decked out in their Edwardian finery, arrived around five and admired each other’s gowns and “white tie”, while perusing period magazines, gazed through the Victorian stereo optics and listened to the Victrola configured to play period music of Caruso, Scott Joplin, Ravel and Debussey from a Mac computer.  As it was not the custom, neither cocktails nor appetizers were served. A culinary historian fascinated by the fine, yet simple food of the post Edwardian period of Downton Abbey. Edwardian cookery is noteworthy because it personifies an era where extravagance was an art form and the formal dining room table its canvas. The Edwardian diet was not a particularly healthy one; the Downton women could have had amazing metabolisms, but more likely just pushed the food around their plates, and busied themselves with their dinner conversation.
If you take the time to watch or scan the Supersize episodes there was a great deal of heavy fatty foods in the Edwardian diet.
I get where you are coming from as I try to incorporate whole wheat in all recipes where I can, and typically without much problem.

BBC Four is running a series of program(me)s about the Edwardians, and two of those are about the food of the era. In 2008 the concept of Edwardian Supersize Me was continued, sending Giles and Sue to other historical eras to gorge themselves. I recently viewed season 1 and season 11 of Downton Abbey, and I was curious as to the actual meals that were prepared (and consumed) by the gentry - and I was most surprised to read your account of the volume of food typically eaten. The soldier's food was often supplied in cans and was very monotonous.Most of the diet in the trenches was bully-beef (canned corned beef), bread and biscuits or Maconochie stew. Troops always complained of being hungry and the diet in the front line was monotonous and not very balanced (although still often as good as or better than many of the poor were used to).
Yes, it is rhubarb season and look forward to more rhubarb recipes (we also have done a rhubarb cake), which was an Edwardian favorite.
Giles Coren, food critic for The Times, and TV presenter Sue Perkins lived the life of well-off Edwardians for a week, and ate like the Edwardians of the upper-middle class did - in Sue's case while wearing a corset.

It was a more scholary documentary that featured some well known British food brands that had their start in the Edwardian period - Typhoo Tea, Perrier, Cadbury's Milk Chocolate, Marmite and (briefly) Oxo.
On Food Revolution Day communities will come together in events around the world (check the website for registered events in your area) to work together to empower people with the skills to improve their diet. Their in-house meals were cooked by famed food writer Sophie Grigson, from an Edwardian housekeeping book, and they also ate out frequently since this was the era when restaurant dining became popular in England. Dinner parties were so important to the reputation of wealthy Edwardian families that the chef could earn far more than the butler. Patmore, like other Edwardian cooks who lived in country houses had access to meat raised on the property, fruits and vegetables grown in their gardens, and milk products from their dairy barn.

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