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I’ve had all manner of ceviche made with red snapper or scallop or shrimp or salmon, but the first time I had tuna ceviche, my reaction was that of slight disappointment. There is only one way to prepare ceviche and that is with the absolute freshest ingredients you can get your hands on. Jen, I think I have to visit Colorado just to see the blue columbine :) Everything looks so beautiful (and the tuna!) – have a great summer, love to Kaweah too!

I’ve tried making tuna ceviche at home after having an incredible version in Napa but my recipe was a dud. There’s no better way to eat sushi grade tuna than in a simple salad with just the right flavorings. I wanted to make a tuna ceviche tonight but the store did not have the tuna – so fish tacos instead – but this is in my near future!

The delicious tuna ceviche is an awesome reminder of the best lunch ever at L’Atleier .

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