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Like most of the reviewers here I made a few changes to the recipe (I couldn't afford the sushi grade tuna so I used frozen scallops and pre cooked prawns instead & I left out the lettuce and added two cobs of corn instead) But regardless this was a huge hit. Mound equal amounts of tuna ceviche on top of 6 individual crackers, chips, or piles of micro-greens. I love these rolled up into warm tortillas for easy ceviche tacos (add some diced avocado for creaminess) or even served with tortilla chips like a kind of entree salsa.As far as raw seafood is concerned, scallops are one of the safest things you can eat.

One of the restaurants we ate at several times was Dos Caminos and the hands-down favorite for all of us was the ceviche. I tend to stay away from very rare steak, only eat the cooked edges of seared tuna, and generally prefer complicated trendy Americanized rolls over more aggressively raw slices of bare sushi. But the ceviche made regular appearances at the Latin restaurants we frequented growing up, and it wasn't long before I'd braved a bite, then two, and then entire plates of it.

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