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Only Philadelphia, the most American of all cities, could invent an iconic sandwich and then vehemently insist that there shall be no attempts to make it good. One of the great things about American cuisine is that when we come up with something so outrageous that even we can’t stand behind it, we figure out a way to pin it on someone else. This fully-loaded sandwich may seem like an international delicacy, but the reuben is as American as it gets. I love how almost none of the americans that comment here are all angry and complaining about something. I’d know, as a Chinese American who have vacationed in various Asian cities populated by Han Chinese over the years in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
Restaurants create and tempt the masses with flashy dishes caloric enough to feed a small family, while the USDA, earnest as a shy sister, issues dietary guidelines which pretty much fall on deaf ears. As for sodium intake, another daunting piece of the puzzle, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting sodium to less than 2,300 mg a day—or 1,500 mg if you’re age 51 or older, or if you are black, or if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

After sidestepping certain hot-button issues (barbecue, pizza) we aimed for items that have a real American history, even if their roots lie elsewhere.
Though European maples produce little sap, North American varieties create it in abundance and New England settlers were quick to copy the technique, especially as a substitute for costly imported sugar. At 102 (or 99, if you're a Wilmington partisan), the banana split is the perfect exhibit of America's sweet tooth. Uber-burritos are an American way of life now, with mini-chains and knockoffs propagating the Mission ethos from sea to sea (often badly). Many trend watchers will point to kale, quinoa, Sriracha and octopus as popular foods, but yogurt, pizza and chicken sandwiches are the real stars of the American diet, according to consumer research firm The NPD Group.
I’m from australia and i thought this was a pretty funny way to show some crazy american foods and i think all of you should just learn to take a joke about yourselves. For all the improvements, the sugaring technique is remarkably similar to the way it was before America's colonial roots were ever in place.

The dish has earned enough fame to warrant an entire cookbook on the topic by food writer Nathalie Dupree. Ask a Hawaiian on the mainland what they miss, and this is likely to top the list.В  How fortunate the rest of us are that they're willing to share.
G’day all you americans here in australia we eat both our national emblems, eat some shrimp fried on the barbie and if our mates are around we drink 5 times the amount we eat in beer.

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