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There are a few recipes online for salt and pepper tofu, like this Chinese salt and pepper tofu on the post punk kitchen forum, this salt and pepper tofu with five spiceВ В or this simple salt and pepper tofu В from Rachael Ray magazine. For a quick appetizer, skip the sauteeingВ just served the fried tofu with chili sauce like below.В Toss tofu cubes in corn starch, salt and pepper. I’ve never thought about doing tofu as an app at a party, but this just looks fantastic and I bet it would be a huge hit! I’m new to tofu, but have become a real covert, so I am always chuffed to see a great recipe like this. Even though I am vegetarian I have to admit I really don’t enjoy tofu, but these actually look delicious enough that I might have to give it a try again.
I had been to this Thai BBQ 2 days back and the husband insisted on ordering the deep fried tofu appetizer.
Despite my frying misadventures, this is the first recipe that’s actually made tofu taste good! I particularly love making this classic Chinese dessert when climate turns cooler and drier. This is a meatless, simplified, and make-me-feel-more-easy style of Hot and Sour Soup, which uses only five key ingredients yet is pleasantly flavorful.

Cooked in a pot, the crunchy bean sprouts, smooth tofu together with the homemade salted fish had made us a warm, satisfying meal.
Infused with garlic and chili flavors, the result of this meatless tofu dish is alive with color and aroma.
So called this is a sandwich, but the spread is neither mayonnese with egg nor butter with ham, instead it is ground beef filled in tofu slices.
To supplement my meal without meat, I have paired the garlic chives with sliced dried tofu and cloak them with a savory sauce. You only need to cut a slit halfway down the centre of tofu slice , thus give us an opening for easy stuffing. Steamed tofu ( bean curd ) with minced shrimps, each piece is still so silky and juicy after cooked. Cakes made from mashed hard tofu (bean curds), which can be cooked by pan frying or steaming. This tofu cream is a light yet tasty alternative for use as dressing for salads, which is also higher in protein but lower in calorie as compare to mayonnaise. Topped with a spicy, umami sauce made from chopped mussels, you may enjoy it with plain noodles or have it served with crispy fried tofu.

Cooking this umami-rich dish is as simple as toasting the dried shrimp roes and cooking them in a simple sauce with tofu. The quantity of leek & pepper sauce was exactly enough to coat the crispy tofu and the whole dish was savory and mouth-warming. This is a truly fancy, delicious, vegan, Chinese dish and it tastes like something you’d get at a restaurant.
Serve vegan Chinese salt and pepper tofu with your favorite chili sauce and garnish with celery leaves or green onions. And, you have a surprisingly refreshing space out here…Creative recipes, beautiful blog layout, superb photography, great presentation and good writing – One cannot ask for more!

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