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Now that meals and snacks have become more purposeful (and the sole source of his nutrients since he is no longer breastfeeding — more on that in a future post), I feel a greater responsibility to offer wholesome, healthy options and make each meal a balanced one. He now gets whole milk with every meal, though he usually doesn’t take more than a few sips. Check out the Munchkin Meals linkup from A Healthy Slice of Life for more food ideas for one-year-olds! My son will not drink milk with a meal but if I fill a cup and leave it out while he plays he will drink the whole thing in less than 30 minutes.
I don’t have tricks but I just make sure even if she is done with the meal and we are off playing, that the cup is always right by her, therefore she takes drinks when she sees it. If you have a toddler and are in search of similar nutritious solutions, check out this list of 25 Toddler Lunch Ideas.

Mixed vegetables, cheese, chicken and strawberries: If you are looking for a bunch of healthy bite size food options, this toddler lunch idea can do the trick.
Fish sticks, corn, lima beans, squash and hash browns: Though I do not typically like to give my son breaded processed foods like fish sticks, sometimes when you are in a rush and need a fast and flavorful toddler food idea, fish sticks will suffice. Gotta love Cheerios And, yes, I’ve been meaning to post the recipe for the enchilada casserole.
We now use a toddler cup with a flexible straw (they make no spill ones) and he drinks tons of water and kefir at each meal!
A couple of snack suggestions to complement this meal are a banana muffin and carrots, celery and hummus. My Sam’s meals are very similar, down to the exact same handful of multi-grain Cheerios while I make coffee.

My son is 11 months now and his meals look pretty similar to what you feed Sam, but it’s always nice to get some new ideas.
He may not want the milk because he is more interested in eating the food during his meals…which is definitely how Sophie is, too!

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