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It can be a long process to become an intuitive eater and it’s hardly black and white. Now, I’m a huge fan of eating at the same times because it allows your body to anticipate meals and get naturally hungry.
Eat regularly to help yourself feel full, to prevent drops in blood sugar, or binge snacking. Consuming certain foods, however, should not beВ anВ indicator of your emotions pre or post eating. And hell, if you still want the cookie even after recognizing you aren’t really hungry, eat it and move on.

Eat something nutritious and filling before a party where there will be junk food, or stash healthy snacks at work to avoid temptation.
I’ve outlined some ways to tell that it may be time for an intuitive eating makeover. Eating on the run or in the middle of a class or in the 5 minutes before a meeting isn’t satisfying.
Decide you will shut down the kitchen after dinner – sometimes having a set time the kitchen is "closed" can help you avoid raiding the pantry. Unintuitive eating is often associated with mindlessly eating junk, but it is just as important to recognize that any relationship where food controls you needs to be improved.

I’ll be the first to admit that 9 times out of 10 I eat something sweet after dinner.
It can be mindlessly eating junk but it can just as easily be an obsession with eating only healthy foods.

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