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The crack squad behind the Real Meal Revolution - scientist Tim Noakes, a nutritionist Sally-Ann Creed, and chef-athletes Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier - have walked or in some cases run the hard yards of nutritional science and self-experimentation. Gomes says that for the diet to work one should have almond flour or psyllium husks to use in place of traditional starches, and nuts, healthy oils, seeds and biltong on hand to ensure you are eating enough healthy fat. The Real Meal Revolution book (R298 including VAT) and the Wellness Warehouse starter kit (R899 including VAT) are available from Wellness Warehouse stores or through the online shop. The SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) says that the aggressive marketing and use of sport supplements amongst adults and learners are on the rise locally and globally, as are the number of reports of ill-health effects and athletes testing positive for prohibited substances relating to the use of these products. Various elite-level athletes will also share their personal views on supplement-use and will share their nutritional strategies. By taking The Pledge I promise to refrain from using, or supporting the use of, performance enhancing drugs in sports. The book is based on thorough research, which is shattering conventional beliefs about weight loss, heart health, obesity and cholesterol as well as many other health related issues.

The revelatory stance and the mouth-watering recipes in this book are the result of their combined experience plus scientific evidence.
In conjunction with the launch of the book, we are offering consumers the opportunity to purchase a starter kit, which will help kick-start their journey to better health. In aid of creating awareness and education on this contentious topic, SAIDS is hosting an I Play Fair Education Symposium on the evolving issues surrounding the use of nutritional supplements by athletes on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. Having competed in over 70 marathons and ultramarathons, Noakes has dealt with the issues around performance dieting and supplements and is an avid supporter of low-carb, high-fat diets.
Amanda Claassen-Smithers, SAIDS Dietitian & Exercise Scientist, a study in 2004 by the International Olympic Committee was amongst the first to unveil the scale of the problem. The symposium is directed at a broad audience from athletes of all ages, coaches and parents, to fitness professionals and healthcare practitioners working in sport.
According to the study 634 products were bought from retail and online stores from 13 different countries.

There will also be a session dedicated to issues relating to supplement use by adolescents and what evidence-based nutritional solutions there are to optimise the performance and health of our future generation of athletes. The contents of the products were tested and 94 of the 634 products were found to contain anabolic-androgenic steroids (mainly pro-hormones) that were not declared on the label. Grier, and published by Quivertree Publications, is spurring frustrated dieters across South Africa to adopt a new approach to food.

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