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The 28-year-old Valeria Lukyanova is famous for her uncanny resemblance to the popular Mattel doll with her cosmetically enhanced chiseled features and unbelievable body proportions.
It was previously reported that she follows a strict liquid diet and works out at the gym regularly to maintain her enviable waistline, but her 50-centimeter waist seems to have shrunken further with practice of Breatharianism, a new age practice that advocates a lifestyle that is sustained sans the consumption of food or water. Valeria has also previously mentioned that she thinks that she came from another planet, has the ability to travel through time, and can speak with aliens through light. Although the whole Breatharianism thing may sound like a feasible way to cut down a few inches around the waist and save money at the same time, you might want to keep in mind that some people have actually died from starvation while attempting to attain the ways of the extreme practice. Oh one more thing, up until two days before the actual show the girls have to drink a minimum of one gallon of water a day!

It says something, that so many men think of these women as their ideal babe; but I say GOOD LUCK trying to find real women like this that are living and breathing. This kind of sex appeal has been achieved by having expert marketing, amazing catalogs, expensive fashion shows, and of course, the worlds most beautiful models. It is ridiculous and it is likely that you’ll lose all your hair or have a kidney just up and fail on you if you keep this kind of diet going for too long!
Two days before the show the girls are told to drink water as they normally would, and then 12 hours before the show, no water consumption is allowed! The models are now working out twice a day, every day for the three weeks leading up to the show.

Anyway these models all have to work out regularly, and I’m not talking regularly like I work out 2-3 times a week, oh no I’m talking every single day for the three months before a show!

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