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The discovery, made at the Cova de la Barriada site on Spain’s Costa Blanca, means our ancestors may have been more discerning eaters than previously believed. Scientists found groupings of complete shells from a large land snail species at three areas of the site. They also looked at where the snail shells were scattered at the site, the shells’ decay, fossilisation process, composition, and age at death by measuring the shell size.They found groupings of complete shells from a large land snail species at three areas of the site, corresponding to different time points 30,000 years ago. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. And here we come to what turns out to be a major theme of this very meandering, off-centre book: the quest for the perfect horse echoes the  quest for the perfect human being. Such cross-breeding was, of course, against all the tenets of the Nazi racial doctrine, which exalted the pure Aryan ideal.
Snails were widespread in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene, but it is still unknown when and how they were incorporated into human diets.
It seems perverse to turn a bold horse into a fancy-pants song-and-dance man, a sortВ  of Lionel Blair with hooves and a saddle.The Lipizzaner is the breed that prances about at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

At the heart of Brother Mendel’s Perfect Horse is a moral and historical exploration of the world of genetics.Needless to say, it is not long before both the Nazis and the Soviets barge their way on to centre-stage.
But then the Lipizzaner was itself a strange hybrid of Danish, Italian, Egyptian and Czech: no perfect Aryan, he. As an Austrian, Hitler took a particular interest  in Vienna’s world-famous Spanish Riding School, and placed it under the army high command. Like the Rolls-Royce, it has long been the transport of choice for some of the world’s most unsavoury despots and tycoons. In 1939, the Nazis  made a documentary film about it, the  46 Corinthian columns of the school all bedecked with swastikas.Hitler became obsessed with confiscating as many ‘racially pure’ Lipizzaners as possible from all over the Balkans and, when Mussolini fell, from Italy, too.
The scientist in charge of this compulsory rebranding exercise, Trofim Lysenko, immediately declared that genes did not exist, but were instead a fiction perpetrated by the bourgeoisie, who wanted everyone to believe that one’s origins inevitably determined  one’s future.Overnight, Soviet geneticists were dismissed or forced to repent. Perhaps in another 400 years, the Lipizzaner will be able to do the Twist, bake the perfect souffle and book easyJet flights on the internet.The riding-school owner fills Westerman in on the horses’ background. They were then gathered together in a secret stud farm in what is now the Czech Republic, close to the German border.

The resulting foal looked grotesque, with bones that seemed too big for its skin, but, being an ideologue, Rau managed to convince himself that his experiment was a stunning success.
Thus, when forests were planted, bundles of saplings were shoved in the same hole, in the belief that they would somehow come to a sensible agreement.In Siberia, pigs were placed in the freezing cold, in the hope that this would toughen them up.
He is incapable of interviewing someone without letting us know what they had for lunch, or precisely where he placed his coat. The author’s blurb tells us he is Dutch, but I suspect there might be a bit of Double-Dutch in his genes, too.

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