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I more than anyone know what that's like hating the gym LOL, well that’s a bit complicated because I'm always traveling and I'm super busy all day, but since I am focused with Yes You Can! Being on the road all the time can be very stressful and it can really affect your diet process, I know that it always messes up my schedules and my routine but slowly I’ve been learning a few tricks that have helped me keep my focus no matter where I am. The anti-diet weight loss plan: get in shape for summer!The anti-diet weight loss plan Part 3: Toning upLose 2kg before the party season!
Many of us don't have the time, the money to pay a personal trainer or the willingness to go to the gym.
The main thing is to always try to keep your habits in check and follow a same pattern, even if there’s a time difference where you’re going. This week has been super crazy but I still wasn’t gonna leave you with an empty Blog, for real you guys that being able to write here and seeing the amazing response has been a total blessing for me.
I’m back with another Blog for you and this week I have a topic for all my boss bee ladies out there who are in their weight loss journey together with me.

Here I am again with another blog post with all the details and the behind the scenes to my Yes You Can Diet Plan adventure.
This plan taught me and I understood that if we want to lose weight, it’s not enough to do a physical diet, it’s very important to focus on the emotional part as well.
It’s thrilling to be able to tell you about this whole experience I’ve had with the Yes You Can!
I just got back from Vegas but I still wanted to give you guys another push with the blog and help you get closer to your ideal weight. I’ve been running around all over because I came down to Miami for Premios lo Nuestro but I was still able to take some time to tell you another little piece of my journey next to my bro Alejandro and the Yes You can! I wanna send a huuuge kiss for all you and I hope you have an amazing day today, full of love and happiness. When it comes to loosing weight it’s sometimes a little harder for women because of our hormonal cycles, you guys know that they get a little cray cray during a few days of the month but there are a lot of ways in which we can minimize the effect and keep on striding to our goal.

My first post had amazing results and I got very excited with all the comments and questions, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me! Like all you know by now this plan was what finally helped me control my weight and leave behind the battle that I’ve always had withthis issue.
A lot of you guys are asking me what I eat in the diet so I wanted to share a menu of 5 dishes that I love done the Yes You Can!
You already know a little bit about this because of what I’ve posted on my social media and the interview in People Magazine but in this Blog I’m going to tell you all the little details about my journey, of how I was able to overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve this amazing transformation. I love this plan because it not only allows me to eat the foods that I love but I can also do it my own way without feeling like I’m doing a diet.

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