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If you’re late to the podcast party and think they’re just about solving murder most foul or catching up with Car Talk, allow us to educate you. Abel James may be strutting around shirtless here in a display of brawn, but this podcasts really showcases his brains.
If the cucumber-focaled face here looks familiar, it might be because Kimberly Snyder has been photographed alongside Hollywood clients like Drew Barrymore and Fergie.
Maybe you don’t have a road trip or even a long commute where you can enjoy a full hour of primo podcast time. If you think having a nutritionist on call is a luxury reserved for Kimye and the like, think again.
Though she’s no longer on the show, The Biggest Loser is the house that Jillian Michaels built.
Just listing off Ben Greenfield's credentials—Ironman, triathlete, nutritionist, and coach with two masters degrees in exercise physiology and biomechanics, among other accomplishments—would take a full podcast.
If your idea of meditation is a blank mind, like you’ve passed a giant eraser over the blackboard of your thoughts, this podcast will offer a better definition. As someone who has now been Paleo for almost a year, I can tell you that having this book as your basis will go a long way towards your future as another Paleo success story. What I have come to appreciate most about going Paleo is the way in which the grassroots effort to know the truth about where our food comes from, and what we should be eating, has exploded.
If you want to go the extra mile during your commute and get another dose of Robb’s wisdom, you can listen to his Paleo Solution podcast as well.
Because bobbing around in the iTunes ether are several podcasts with rich and significant info on health and fitness. But celeb-spotting aside, Snyder’s expertise isn’t in walking the red carpet, it’s in leading a positive, plant-fueled life.
While the photo here brings to mind books with bunk science and exclamation points, this podcast couldn’t be further from fad diets.
And despite our misgivings about the emphasis on the scale and the push-it-till-you-puke attitude, it’s hard to deny that the dramatic transformations can be inspiring. Thirty years and several viral videos later, TED continues to host groundbreaking conversations, and TEDTalks Health is exactly what you’d expect from the brand. They’re that adorable couple you picture spending their Sundays walking the dog and baking muffins. Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were married, Occupy Wall Street was in full effect, and Yoga Peeps did their last episode. Rhonda Patrick - Cell Metabolism and Other GeekeryAug 11, 2015 ListenThe Paleo Solution - Episode 281 - Dr.

While going into great detail on the chemical and physiological processes of the human body and its reaction to gluten and other grains, Wolf makes this a very accessible read for the Paleo noob or nerd. The wisdom on these shows is the stuff of fitness retreats and nutritional webinars—but they’re all 100-percent free. But Paleo isn’t a gendered diet, and podcast hosts Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo are changing the way we see ancestral eating. We dubbed him “Chief of the Cavemen” on our list of health and fitness influencers, and this podcast cements his status as an ancestral eating authority. Host Dave Asprey is best known for popularizing the union of butter and java, simultaneously kicking off a new era of coffee consumption and confusing the heck out of baristas.
Part of the appeal is Frazier’s humility: Despite qualifying for Boston and running several ultramarathons, Frazier continues to see himself as an ordinary runner with the same struggles. And despite the fact that her Glowing Green Smoothie is the drink that launched a thousand Vitamix orders, topics on her podcast go far beyond blended beverages. Hosts Russ Turley, Helana Brigman, and Jeff Ainslie are deeply connected to science, debating the formulas used in calorie-counting apps, looking at nutritional studies, or calculating basal metabolic rate. And maybe they do that, but only after logging in their long run to train for another upcoming marathon. Luckily for us weekend warriors and newbies alike, many of the methods discussed can be used and applied to our training too, whether that’s crushing a CrossFit WOD or training for a half marathon.
After the first episode, it’s easy to see that meditation isn’t about achieving a state of blankness; it’s about connecting with the present and your authentic self. Charles Sydnor - Grass Fed Cows and SustainabilityAug 04, 2015 ListenThe Paleo Solution - Episode 280 - Dr.
He answers questions from listeners and is a great way to dig deeper into all things Paleo and Crossfit (did I mention he runs a cross fit gym). His background is the perfect Paleo combo: He’s both a former biochemist and powerlifting champ. James advocates shunning the low-fat, high-carb diets that once dominated our food pyramid and grabbing grass-fed beef and butter in a big bear hug. But as his podcast proves, he’s equally interested in examining all aspects of nutrition and fitness. The hosts of Dishing Up Nutrition are licensed experts working at the Nutritional Weight and Wellness center, and their call-in show addresses common pitfalls in healthy eating. But the hosts are never so far above the subject that they forget the emotional connection to food and what it means to struggle with weight loss. Michaels talks about pursuing love, forgiving your parents, and taking risks in your professional life, along with the expected health and fitness subjects.

And Greenfield discusses complex biomechanical subjects in plain English, so there’s no need to frantically Google every term you hear.
Bowman’s approach is to mimic what the human body did before modern living made us divide our time between sitting hours at a desk and pounding out a hour of repetitive exercises in one plane of motion.
His easy demeanor and smart questions while interviewing nutritional experts have earned him a spot in the who’s who of Paleo celebs. Frazier and his cohost foster an inclusive attitude and welcome the "veg-curious." Plus while some episodes discuss the benefits of animal-free fitness fuel, there’s plenty of material that applies to anyone, whatever your thoughts on pea protein. Covering subjects like holiday overeating, whole milk versus skim, or grains in your diet, this podcast cuts right to the nutritional chase.
Turley often begins the show with his own weigh-in, revealing that he's on the same path as his listeners.
But obviously she shines when covering the topics that were her NBC bread-and-butter for 12 seasons. Plus they’re refreshingly open on their nutritional philosophy, allowing for the occasional treat.
Other big names in the Paleo space like Chris Kresser and Mark Sisson also swing by to talk turkey. The speedy info imparted here could be covered on an elevator ride, walking around the block, or knocking out a GWOD (if we do say so ourselves). The hosts tackle all manner of listener questions from marathon fueling to injury prevention to compression clothing.
Banter between the podcast’s odd couple, Michaels and her producer Janice Ungaro, give the show a humanity that Loser’s slick production often lacked. But everyone can benefit from the info here and the delicious stretch incorporated in each episode. In her podcast, she interviews other people with similar transformations and talks about their practical steps for pursuing big-number weight loss. In true podcast form, it’s a discussion with various experts in the field about how they approach yoga and how they incorporate practice in their lives.
With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the 19 best podcasts on health, fitness, nutrition, and happiness.

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