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The Paleo Slow Cooker Bible: 50 Healthy, Easy And Delicious Paleo Recipes That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast! Not only are these paleo recipes designed to help you lose weight extremely fast, they are also very easy to make-all you need is a slow cooker. These recipes are especially designed for beginners.With "The Paleo Slow Cooker Bible", slow-cooking and losing weight has never been easier.

These easy to make recipes will satisfy your family cravings for a delicious paleo meal while helping you reach your weight loss goals. These delicious recipes are purposely designed to be left simmering in a slow cooker while you go about your day and do what you need to do. There's even a whole section of recipes for people who work 9-5 jobs!All 50 recipes have been specifically designed for cooking in a slow cooker, your friends and family will love them all.

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