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Thousands of people are losing weight and healing their bodies following this simple, yet effective, Three Step Program; YOU could be one of them! Paleo Guides for Beginners Using Recipes for Better Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Detox for Life is THE powerful Three-Step Program everyone is raving about!
I am Stephanie Stuart, best-selling author on Amazon, and I’m going to give you the real scoop on Paleo diet planВ for Beginners. If you have ever had any questions and are confused about all the info out there about Paleo you are in the right place.
Thousands of people have come to me for advice on the Paleo diet from the average Joe to the elite athlete. Stephany Stuart’s book has affected me in a positive way and I feel compelled to write the following review to thank her.
I was familiar with the science of “epigenetics”, but I learned more here, about how to try to reprogram the genes to function at higher levels.
The formulas she presents for estimating the ideal weight for men and women are also right on the money. I am 58 years old, 6’1 height, and I have used a variation of ‘Paleo’ … Once I reached the ideal weight, I hit the wall and I unfortunately started to gain a few pounds, even while eating healthy.
I have followed the 7 Days Menu ‘a la lettre’ (in detail) with my wife, and we shared the same meals. This Paleo Guides for Beginners program is Delivered Instantly to your Computer, Kindle, or Other Reading Device. The Paleo Diet is about getting back to basics and eating what our bodies we’re biologically designed to eat.
This world-famous diet has helped tens of thousands of people transform their life from unhealthy to super fit. People are becoming more and more aware that the right foods can be used as medicine to cure health ailments giving you back your life to live at peak optimal performance at last.

It offers much more: it is obvious to me that the Author has some solid background in nutrition, she offers a really great, healthy and balanced approach based on Holistic and Classical Nutrition.
For as little as the price of the book you will get everything that you need served on the silver plate and will get yourself a great guide. Sure cavemen were lean and muscular but they were also lucky to make it to 30 years of age lol!! I was searching for new information, instructions and “tricks” to be healthy, slim and look good. A few years ago, changing one’s genes seemed science-fiction, but the research in the last few years is proving that while yes, the genes are like a body’s hard drive, the software – our brain, its reason and our decision making are capable of turning on or off some of the ‘hard drive’s’ features. The goal of the Paleo diet is to adhere to a diet similar to what our ancestors would have eaten.
I do Paleo part-time, I couldn’t do it full-time as I love my Macrobiotic grains and legumes too much( still- works well for me and I always eat organic and GMO free) and I don’t like eating too much meat. However this year I have some serious fitness goals and I noticed that Paleo( part-time!) works great for me. Paleo has been proven to reverse or put into remission a great number of the autoimmune diseases that are spreading throughout the world.
The idea of going into the grocery store and picking up an orange, especially during off season, was simply impossible. The basic premise is to attempt to replicate the diet of our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors.I have been a fan of restricting carbohydrate consumption for several years now. I work as a massage therapist and sometimes I have to work long hours and I need to keep my energy on. As the convenience of transportation has allowed people to get any type of food that they want, whenever they want, this has also caused the body to react in a less-than-favorable way.Effectively, the idea is that since we do not live as we should in nature, our bodies are beginning to breakdown, become weak and ultimately become riddled with sickness and disease.
I figured out that Paleo breakfasts are just perfect for me, especially before work or gym.

I have also seen many of my friends doing the paleo diet( full-time or part-time) and losing massive weight.
The recipes were great and really inspiring, moreover the Author REALLY knows her stuff and makes sure that her Paleo program is full of all the nutrients one needs for health and vitality. It is also recommended that you go out of the house, enjoy yourself and ultimately live a happy life. So many people will take what they are told by the government on how to eat as complete truth and law when they are utter tin foil hatters in every other way. Thankfully, all of the Paleo diet recipes I have ever seen are tasty and allow for a variety of meal options. If you want to have scrambled eggs for lunch or dinner, no one will mind.In fact, this is one of the most freeing diets in terms of flexibility.
Do not expect to go to the store without some type of meal plan and last the week without ordering takeout. The book covers everything from basic nutrition, to foods you can eat, foods you are not allowed to eat; and a ton of recipes to help you along your journey. Tweet Nutrition About The Author Liam Patrick+I am a fitness enthusiast who enjoys spending my infinite amount of spare time reviewing fitness programs that can be found on line to help people make informed decisions from the nebulous shroud of the world wide web. I always combine Paleo diet with the right kind of strength training or cardio exercise to maximize its full benefits on my body. I don’t especially enjoy having to explain the paleo diet every time that we go out to eat but I guess that is a small price to pay.

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