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Put Paleo into action with The Paleo Diet Cookbook and eat your way to weight loss, increased energy, and lifelong health-while enjoying delicious meals. The Paleo Diet In my book, The Paleo Diet Revised (2010) 1 I warned against drinking artificially sweetened soft drinks and further strengthened my opposition to all artificial sweeteners in 2012. Loren Cordain, author of the Paleo Diet, talks about his new book, the Paleo Answer, and why he thinks people with autoimmune diseases need to go beyond gluten and dairy free to avoiding all grains, dairy, beans and potatoes.
Buy Paleo for Athletes 3Fuel Audible In this episode I talk with Loren Cordain about the Paleo Diet.
Loren Cordain - Origins And Evolution Of The Western Diet: Health Implications For The 21st Century.
The low-carb Paleo diet can help triathletes and other endurance competitors achieve peak performance, Triathlete Europe reported Wednesday.
Megan Fox is earning attention for her rapid weight loss after her second son, which she credits to a Paleo low carb diet.
Endurance athletes have long been told to carb-load to fuel optimal athletic performance, but scientists now say a high-fat diet may actually bolster performance for marathon runners, cyclists and triathletes, the Richmond Register reported Saturday. While runners and endurance athletes have long embraced high-carb, low-fat diets, an increasing number are embracing the low-carb, high-fat Paleo diet to enhance performance, Runner's World reported. High-fat, low carb diets such as the Paleo and ketogenic plans are being increasingly embraced by elite athletes, Financial Review reported Tuesday.

Carb-loading is a time-honored tradition for athletes, with pasta parties held the night prior to a marathon or triathlon. Actress Robin Wright has adopted the low-carb Paleo diet to lose weight for her role as Claire Underwood in the Netflix hit "House of Cards," NBC News reported.
The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution: The Slow Motion Exercise That Will Change Your Body in 30 Minutes a Week - Fredrick Hahn, Michael R. Well, it's the original human diet and it's probably still the healthiest way you could the world's #1 expert, professor Loren Cordain, explains what you need to know and answers common questions. Loren Cordain's The Paleo Diet has helped thousands of people lose weight, keep it off, and learn how to eat for good health by following the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors and eating the foods we were genetically designed to eat. Fitness experts say the Paleo diet's emphasis on whole foods and healthy fats and its avoidance of refined sugars and processed foods make it ideal for athletes. A notable example is NBA superstar LeBron James, who made headlines this week after unveiling his shocking weight loss on a low carb ketogenic-style diet, Sports Illustrated reported. But an increasingly vocal pack of Paleo runners and exercisers are kick-starting their endurance with steak and bacon rather than cereal and bread, reported Runners World on July 18. The Paleo Diet is described in detail by the creator and researcher of the Original Human Diet. In conjunction with this discordance between our ancient, genetically-determined biology and the nutritional, cultural and activity patterns of contemporary western populations, many of the so-called diseases of civilization have emerged.

Kresser told the audience that consuming beans up to three times a week and dairy twice a day was acceptable and Paleo. Needless to say, I found those statements to be incredibly miss-guided at the least and stupid at the worst. Loren Cordain talking about how inferior grains are in the diet and how they lead to leaky gut & what are real food solutions.
Cordain describes the importance of exercise and a Paleo Diet that is low in sugar and carbohydrates as was found in nature.
Cordain and I discuss what Paleo really means, to the many of us who actually know what we are talking about, and try to end the confusion being propagated by these self proclaimed experts.
Cordain explains in this interview the dangers of honey and other Paleo sugars as they wreck blood sugar and are to be avoided as they are similar to high fructose corn syrup.

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