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17 March, 2014 People come to Paleo and the Whole30 for a variety of reasons—weight loss,  increased energy, better sleep, and most important, improved health. In part one of this two-part series, we talk to autoimmune Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom about her new book, The Paleo Approach. Refer to this 3-page PDF (from The Paleo Approach) for a comprehensive list of autoimmune conditions.
It definitely can be for many people!  By regulating blood sugars, and by eliminating grains, legumes, dairy, and alcohol, many people will see vast improvement in the symptoms of their autoimmune diseases—and some will even see their diseases go into remission.  I typically recommend that people currently eating a typical Western diet and contemplating the AIP (and who are not currently in a major health crisis) start with a program like the Whole30 and see how far that gets them.
I also recommend that these people “look ahead” to the AIP and understand the importance of nutrient-dense foods like organ meat, seafood, and vegetables and why foods like nightshades, eggs, nuts, and seeds might be a problem. The very frustrating thing for people with autoimmune disease (and I know because I’m one of them!) is that our immune systems are more sensitive to being stimulated in a dysfunctional and unproductive way.  Unfortunately, vegetables from the nightshade family, like tomatoes (and maybe especially tomatoes) have several different immune-stimulating compounds in them—two of which have been investigated for use in vaccines!  Egg whites contain a molecule called lysozyme which acts as a carrier for other immune-stimulating compounds to enter through the gut barrier and into the body.  I know that my body reacts worse to a bite of tomato than it does to a bite of bread (not that that’s fun either)! Unfortunately, it can be a long slog.  But, most people will at least start to see improvements within the first three months and continue to see gradual improvements over time. I generally recommend that anyone who isn’t seeing improvement at the three to four month mark, seek out a functional medicine specialist or holistic doctor to work with to figure out if there are any extra challenges (like chronic infections) that can be addressed. Hang in there!  I know from personal experience that making these changes to diet and lifestyle is challenging and requires determination and persistence!  But, I also believe that living with autoimmune disease is more challenging.
You can learn more about autoimmune disease and avail yourself of the many free resources Sarah has put together on her website, The Paleo Mom.
For an extremely comprehensive overview of the science* behind the AIP and an easy-to-follow program for those wanting to get started with their own Paleo approach to autoimmune disease, check out Sarah’s new book, The Paleo Approach. The Paleo Approach contains a huge amount of practical application (including the most detailed shopping lists we’ve ever seen), and is, in our opinion, the very best resource for even those brand-new to Paleo and the AIP.

You can read more about Sarah’s personal journey to PaleoВ hereВ and see more before and after photosВ here. Kitchen Emporium performs custom carpentry, and will even handle countertops and tile, if you want them to. I knew right away that it would be a game changer in the life of the millions of people suffering with autoimmune diseases. Just like my book Digestive Health with REAL Food was soon declared the digestion bible, this book is definitely worthy of the same title in the autoimmune field. Now that I’ve had more time to read the book, I’m even more impressed by all the content of this book and all the hard work, efforts and dedication the author put into her book! Many testimonials are also included throughout the book, not only to help you better relate to other people facing similar struggles but also to share the hopeful message that dietary and lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your health and quality of life. This entry was posted in health, review and tagged autoimmune, Paleo, paleo diet, review, sarah ballantyne, the paleo approach. Increasingly, more and more people are turning to this lifestyle change to relieve or eliminate the symptoms of their autoimmune condition. Sarah gives us an overview of autoimmune conditions and how her proven approach helps to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Pylori, or a disease that affects digestive organs; and whether or not you are on medication or supplements that might slow down your healing (especially since some of these require dedication to the AIP for a while before you can start weaning off of them). I took four to start seeing improvements myself (autoimmune diseases affecting the skin can be some of the slowest to respond simply because the skin is such a low priority organ for the human body when it comes to healing), but everything really came together around the ten month mark. Take out the AIP components now (nightshades, nuts, eggs) and just add those back in last when I reintroduce.

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And this is so important considering that autoimmune conditions are on the rise and now affect over 50 million Americans (20% of the population).
There’s enough science in there to satisfy the geeks like me while also breaking the science down into simple terms for everyone to get a good basic grasp of the most important principles behind this approach. She has aВ companion cookbookВ coming this summer to help you make the Paleo Approach even easier and tastier. In part two, Melissa Hartwig (co-founder of the Whole30) and Sarah discuss how to get started with your own Paleo approach. Sarah is extremely skilled at making complicated topics simple to understand, but you don’t need to read through all the science to be able to effectively implement her plan.
I hadn’t finished reading the book in its entirety when I began whole 30 and saw information on the AIP a little late. Click on the image to pre-order it now (to lock in the lowest price and guarantee that you get the first copy available).
Sarah’s personal experiences with autoimmune disease is the reason for the large amount of autoimmune-related content on her blog and the reason why her first two books are focused on how to modify a paleo diet to reverse autoimmune disease.

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