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There are almost 40 essential nutrients of which carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water are the most important. Foods can be grouped on the basis of the nutrients contained in them and their functions in the body. Energy is required by the body to do work and to perform all the physiological functions of the body. Due to constant wear and tear in the body, new cells have to be built to repair the damaged parts. For example,The G8 nations, together with 5 major emerging economies — China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico — use almost three-quarters of the Earth’s biocapacityAn estimated 40% of world trade is based on biological products or processes.Despite these free benefits, it has long been recognized that we tend to ignore or underestimate the value of those services. Without this, the chances of extinction increases.And as we start destroying, reducing and isolating habitats, the chances for interaction from species with a large gene pool decreases.
But at the same time, governments that are able to use renewable sources are less likely to find themselves spending so many resources in geopolitical areas (e.g. Hence it is important that we understand the exact role of nutrients in our food and recognize the various foods that provide these nutrients.
However, for similar information, you could look at Consequences of changing biodiversity, Nature 405, 234 - 242, 11 May 2000 and Causes, consequences and ethics of biodiversity, Nature 405, 208–211, 11 May 2000.Back to topSpecies depend on each otherWhile there might be “survival of the fittest” within a given species, each species depends on the services provided by other species to ensure survival.

These efforts will ensure that bees continue to provide pollination and that our diets remain rich in the fruits and vegetables we now take for granted.— Diana Cox-Foster and Dennis van Engelsdorp, Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Bees, Scientific American, April 2009Interdependent marine ecosystemWhaling is often controversial. As the study notes, human actions cannot fully replace the role of large carnivores because these large carnivores are an intrinsic part of an ecosystem’s biodiversity.As a simple example, the loss of a large carnivore may mean in the short term the herbivores they prey on may increase in numbers but this can also result in a deterioration of the environment as the herbivores can graze more, largely unchecked. Human intervention to perform the same services would be more costly.Interdependency vs Human InterventionNature can often be surprisingly resilient, often without the need for human interventions. For example, a documentary aired on the BBC (I unfortunately forget the name and date, but in the 1990s) described two national parks in Africa where elephant populations had grown quite large within those artificial boundaries. The usual way to deal with this was to cull the population to try and keep the ecosystem in balance.
However, while commercial entities can exploit resources elsewhere, local fishermen will go out of business and the poorer will likely go hungry (as also detailed on this site’s section on biodiversity). In the end they agreed to let one park have its elephants culled, while the other would be left alone.A few years later, they found the park with the culled population had remained in poor condition. More examples are discussed on this site’s section on consumption and consumerism).Our continued inefficient pumping of greenhouse gases into the environment without factoring the enormous cost as the climate already begins to change is perhaps an example where price signals may come too late, or at a time when there is already significant impact to many people.
The park where things were left alone has naturally regenerated; the large elephant populations eventually reduced in number as they undermined their own resource base.

Existing price signals only reflect - at best - the share of total value that relates to provisioning services like food, fuel or water and their prices may be distorted. Even these services often bypass markets where carried out as part of community management of shared resources. So biologists are looking at these processes in more depth to see if they can reproduce or enhance such capabilities.Back to topMore important than human use or biological interestMany people may support environmental causes to help preserve the “beauty” of Nature. However, that is in a strange way, not really a justifiable excuse as it is a subjective, human or anthropomorphasized view.For many decades, various environmentalists, biologists and other scientists, have viewed the entire earth as a massive living organism or system due to the interdependent nature of all species within it. In addition, their benefits are felt differently by people in different places and over different timescales.
Private and public decisions affecting biodiversity rarely consider benefits beyond the immediate geographical area…. This systematic under-valuation of ecosystem services and failure to capture the values is one of the main causes underlying today’s biodiversity crisis.

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