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The Master Cleanse diet was created in the 1940s by nutritionist Stanley Burroughs to treat stomach ulcers and other health ailments. Lemons naturally cleanse the gut because it is full of Vitamin C, and act as a purifier supplying potassium.
Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which helps the body burn more fat and increase energy expenditure (thus, burning more calories).
My Post One-Week ExperienceI would have a glass in the morning, in-between meals and whenever I’m thirsty.
Step 4: Pour the 300ml mixture into a 1 litre water bottle or jug, and fill it up with filtered water.
Note: This lemon, honey and cayenne pepper drink recipe is an alternative and addition to your everyday beverage consumption.

Hi Kie Loong, I took my bike to a bike shop and the bike owner uncle helped me fix it together. About MeOrganic skincare addict, retired yoga instructor, editorial beauty writer & closet entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring and enriching the lives of women. Nothing is worse than going for a meal with someone, and the person is on some kind of restricted diet. It is also easily digestible and cleanses the liver and body with natural anti-bacterial agents. Cayenne pepper is considered a thermogenesis food – which means it stimulates weight loss by increasing metabolism and blood circulation. It is not suggested on this post for this drink to be taken as a liquid diet or meal replacement.

When blood circulates effectively, it carries and expels toxins from the digestive system through the natural process of waste elimination. Once you are done squeezing lemons, you will notice that your lemon honey mixture is now measuring up to 300ml.

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